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An Economist’s view of OPPT 2

I have come to read Ryan’s writing by chance yesterday, and he is right. Economists around the world have been taught that the source of economic growth is no longer capital and labor, yet anybody who can determine the lines in a graph proportionate to the growth of GDP, is essentially nominated with a Noble … Continue reading


NOTE: Below are my personal statements and views.  It almost seem nostalgic now having to regularly post on this website with the name ‘NESARA’ in it. Throughout the past 12 months of regular postings, I have received many comments and personal emails discussing and exchanging thoughts on how the implementation of NESARA will take place. … Continue reading

Global Genius Trust – Thanks S (In Lak’ech)

*** Just received this email from a reader and would like to share his message with you. If this rings true to your heart’s call, go for it. Bring it on. Have a wonderful new year everyone! Time to rock & roll!  Want to do your part to change our world? You can right now … Continue reading

NESARA: Full Disclosure Coming Soon – (Full Interview) thanks D

NESARA: Full Disclosure Coming Soon – (Full Interview) Listen HERE NESARA: History, Info, & Awareness Listen HERE


From Anne DeHart @ Hollow Earth…again, this was the smallest and first of three so keep tuned in to hollowearthnetwork… ~ Hi Everyone,Whew! What a whirlwind!So, first of all, let’s talk about the St. Germain Trust Grants that were announced late last night.As you may have guessed, that message went viral through other major websites. … Continue reading

We are not driving, just travelling

1) De Jure: Lawful Law AKA Common Law AKA Constitution Law Applies to everyone. 2) De Facto: Legal Law AKA Law Society AKA Law of Water Applies to legal fiction/persons, corporations and federal agents. You apply for a Drivers License, then you are applying to have Legal Laws enforced upon you. With a Drivers License … Continue reading

Be Aware of Extensive Higher Light Radiation from Sedona this Weekend…

[UPDATE 1145 HST: see comment from Annie, at the bottom of this post. Thanks Annie for “beaming” this to me!!]   I’m not here to advertise for anyone or any event and in particular the 2012 Scenario Sedona Conferences (even though it’s linked so if you’d care to buy one of the few tickets left to conference … Continue reading

IMPORTANT: Incomplete information from ex-police officer on your website

*** NOTE TO ALL READERS – I just received this email and think it is really important for me to post it here for all to read. Many have written in to the post by the ex police sergeant and it is my responsibility to say here, that I am not the author of that … Continue reading

A quick note from me

Dear all, Just a quick post to say this blog will be back in action soon. Many things have happened for the past 3 weeks and I have not had the time to take a breather. Someone has been kind enough to offer me a job and I have also come to the realisation that … Continue reading


Dear all, Just writing in to say this blog is currently undergoing structural change & management. Will be back to rock & roll after the transformation. Won’t be too long. Blessings PLEASE SEE FACEBOOK FOR CURRENT UPDATES (FOR NOW)

NAMASTE for your support.

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