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A New Economic Perspective: Saklı vs One People’s Public Trust OPPT (Thanks Deb)

Nothing is what it seems, no matter where you turn your gaze. What we today call ”The Economy” is nothing more than a badly run casino. Welcome to the rabbit hole where truth is stranger than fiction.

Ingunn Røiseland, assisted by Kjell Erik Midtgård

This is a story far beyond the imaginable and which, if true, has the power to free us from corruption, poverty, debasement and loss of freedom due to its legal implications. It starts with the story of Adnan Sakli and is intended to provide a backdrop for evaluating the other contributions in this area we have seen of late. In particular the One People’s Public Trust comes to mind:

Even here in Norway, which many here regard as the best country in the world, we live with economic parameters which most know the consequences of: 85% in real tax and a minimal return in the form of common goods. In the following, I aim to show how it happened that we use most of our lives working for the State, which actually is an agent of the private banking sector. Correction, the structure is one which is Feudalism operating as Democracy, and the Bankers are agents of the Crowns.

This article is mainly about how financial institutions, transactions and ownership are organised in a completely different way than to what I, at least, used to believe, and how factors relating to Trusts and Positions of Prime can radically change the game.

Until recently, I thought I had a reasonable understanding of most financial institutions and related ownership. I thought the Federal Reserve basically gave the orders, and I thought that it mostly was about fractional reserve banking, the fiat money system and private ownership. It is, but new insights have cracked that paradigm wide open and revealed that the extent of secrecy and fraud is much more widespread, generalised and systematic than I ever could have imagined.
I have just spoken with a someone who had taken a master’s degree in trust law, and she said the essentially same; ”No-one would believe me if I said that all significant transactions happen in Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Cayman Islands and Switzerland, and the primary purpose of these transactions are money-laundering”. Correct and many more locations.

In 1987 the World Bank -World Banking System ( Central Banks)-

went bankrupt, as did all the global central bank systems. Only one person in the world had enough liquidity to take ownership of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) under what is called the Statutory Act. BIS is the bank that loans to other central banks.

Under what is termed ”The International Reserve Solvency Regulations”, all sovereign bonds, commercial loans and ownership of all central banks were collected in the same account in the BIS. The man who became owner of the BIS and of all other accounts is Adnan Sakli. He explains it like this:

”So by their arrogance and with the position of the reserve laws, I became the owner of everything by the fact that I was a free person with no obligations and maximum liquidity. Then it just snow balled over and over, and the law and my lack of criminality and their greed made me even stronger to a point where they could not do anything against me.»

This means that when Rothschild and Co. removed liquidity (or money supply) from the market and the commerce collapsed, the effects propagated up the commercial chain of command so that the banks also failed. As these banks were sending out distress signals about not having the required solidity to tackle this situation, they carried on doing business with their creditors’ assets and thus became the property of the creditors.

This bonfire of bankruptcies engulfed the central banks and the big finance companies of Wall Street and The City in London, right on up to the BIS. In this raging inferno, only one person had the solidity to take over the BIS, and this was Sakli- who became a Institution by funding BIS.

This means that Adnan Sakli owns the Norwegian national debt – Norwegian MTN’s and sovereign bonds – and can cancel it if certain demands can be met. He also owns the accounts of the Rothschilds, the Vatican, etc. He continues:
”That is how I became the Underwriter of the world, Master trader, The sovereign, the Prime, etc,- plus the Vatican does not have anything legal because I am the Prime and the Vatican has to get its authority from the prime and to date it has not.!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO4J6Fb-ivQ Adnan Sakli & The Global Debt Holder, Naipaul Seegolam

If all this is true, then the implication is that the Norwegian State and all Norwegian banks are operating illegitimately, as well as most other governments. Sakli’s Federal Reserve ID No. Is 8217 if anyone would be in a position to check it. Of course any access to this would set off the alarms in every central bank and security agencies around the world.

Reorganising your mind is the first step.

The first step to understanding the implications of this is to have the desire to ask some fundamental questions, and to go through established thought patterns with a fine tooth comb. It is vital to understand that the primary objective of media is not the delivery of information, but rather to support the general conception of how things are interrelated.

So you shouldn’t expect the contents of this article to harmonise with what you read in the mainstream media, but you can look up the references and check these claims on the net. It’s your own responsibility to assess the information.

I’d like to give an example illustrating how the media’s primary task is maintaining the illusion and to perpetuate the old programming: One area receiving special attention in Norway is the field of carbon capture and storage:

If you were to immerse yourself in this subect, you would hopefully quickly discover that the idea of anthropogenic global warming is mythical and not rooted in reality; it’s more about ”global governance” than about ”global warming”.

If you read about ”anthropogenic global warming fraud” or ”climategate”, you’ll quickly see that crucial pieces of the puzzle are ignored by the media, and the discourse continues unabated in the media and among politicians as if nothing was amiss. We have been left clinging to an outdated paradigm and pretend that lies are truth as long as we can, and as long we can continue allocating billions upon billions to junk, air, nothing. This of course means that the emperor (e.g. Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg) has no clothes, nor has he had any for a long time, and that vast amounts of expenses could be saved on the national budget if we could only see it.

In the following, I will attempt a summary of the political landscape from my perspective. I am always open to new contributions however, and always ready to correct any errors.

We need to ask a few basic legal questions:

The legal system and the collection of laws a society operates within, is a kind wrapping that holds the society together within a certain framework, and only a few question where the legal system obtains its authority.

Many of us have, for example, taken as a matter of course that the Norwegian constitution is the cornerstone of the law, and that it is impossible to invoke a higher law than the constitution. We should question this. Basic questions concerning legitimacy and jurisdiction contain the key to understanding how the world works and how you can be free – if that’s what you want.

A few questions we can ask ourselves are: What is the primary position of the law, – does any juristdiction or consideration exist that can override the underlying body of laws? Is it true that the world is run as a trust? If so, who is the trustee and who is doing the ”entrusting”? Under Feudal systems the Sovereign is the Law, which is delegated to the trust attorneys that delegate it into the mass structures.

If it were shown to be true that all the governments are actually corporations, as I belive they are, who are the ”insiders” in this scenario? Does the hypothetical Norway Corporation have other owners than those we would tradiationally associate with it? And if it turned out that the Vatican was the owner of this hypothetical Norway Corporation, wouldn’t it be nice if someone with better intentions owned the Vatican, as Sakli claims he does? The Vatican operates the Underlying governmental structures by the Cardinals, Masons, and they sell it off with religion,- In reality they are sub political structure.

The Vatican claims to be entrusted by God – not just spiritually and symbolically, but in actuality and politically. The Vatican’s economic investments and many papal bulls testify to this ambition: http://www.cephas-library.com/nwo/nwo_how_the_world_really_works.html

These are subjects that everyone should dig into on their own. The rule-of-thumb is that most of the basic important information is hidden and made inaccessible on purpose. Of many examples, investigating these two simple questions illustrates the point: Is the state of Norway registered as a corporation, and in that case, where do we find this information? Who owns the IMF?

Some questions concerning economy:

( currently there is no true economy, because to have a true economy the system has to be free to do so and not manipulated for the few of the ruling groups under the authority of the Royals and the Mafia globally)

What is really happening in the global economy? Where is all the money? If we’ve used it all up then someone must have it. Why is it that national debt can’t be balanced out by another country’s debt and thereby be cancelled? ( I hold this power and that is why they are keeping me from accessing my full rights , otherwise the Royals have no more power and I have the legal means and rights to rebuild the debts and the economies)

Why is the unbridled exploitation of resources such as water, electricty and raw materials allowed to continue on such a grand scale? Why are people being relieved of their last pennies through bank bailouts and an inflated housing market that ensures the homes end up with the banks? Why are taxes and tariffs at levels no-one should put up with while transfers of funds to making war and ”humanitarian purposes” escape critical assessment?

What is the real connection between law and economics?

Understanding the Western economy of today

After the stock market crash of 1929, (Which was caused artificially by the Royal families),

all the western countries went bankrupt were forced to take up loans from the international central banks to finance the tasks they had committed themselves to. The public became collateral for the loans, and future income from taxation became the basis for the value assessment.

If you google ”Norwegian yield” or ”sovereign bonds” (http://www.tradingeconomics.com/norway/government-bond-yield) you will soon realise that it is the productive capacity of the people that is the product, so when Norway buys up Greek of Spanish national bonds these days, they are actually buying slaves at discount prices for our money.

(Do not forget Norway does not buy the bonds they cross collateralize the bond to issue new debts and it is done over and over again. Funding debt by fresh debt co signed by other areas that assume part of the liabilities . The people just get screwed a little bit more for the expenses of others .)

The introduction of personal identity numbers and the Central Bureau for Statistics was a necessary tool and it was also necessary to organise all nations as corporations. This means that there are no no longer western nation states – just corporations. That was done to justify the debt and the reasoning of the debt by asset evaluation and the cross GDP , and GNP index variations to determine the risk to debt rations.There never were Western nation states since the system is a Feudal system all you had were Kingdoms that renamed themselves States.)

All international transactions are subject to Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) or a similar, harmonised legal framework, and this is also how we can be certain that the state has created a strawman identity for us even though all the government institutions will deny this. The UCC is the only legal framework requiring names to be written in all capitals, eg. on drivers’ licenses:

Here is an example of the obfuscation surrounding this theme, often an indication that something is at stake: http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/ucc_in_england_and_or_the_eu and here is a video explaining this in broad strokes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm9my4ujKrc
As always, it is important that you do your own research.

If you google ‘AS Norge’ you won’t get any useful results. This is an attempt at keeping the information hidden. Don’t expect answers if you phone a department either. The answer I got from the legal office at the Justice Department was that ”a State is a State – it can’t be registered as a corporation”. My experience has also shown that it doesn’t help to call someone knowledgable on state matters at the University, but here is a database that displays information on some nations that are registered as corporations:

It’s quite obvious that this manuoevre leaves the ”nations” somewhat in the lurch, in that the nation-corporation only interacts with us through our ID number – ie. through the strawman identity it cerated for us – and not as a living people or natural persons. In Norway there is good reason for closer inspection of the assignments and mandates relating to a company, eg. http://www.eksportfinans.no/investor-relations/investor-presentations/?ln=uk

The prerequisite allowing the system to operate as it does is solely this: That you agree to lend your strawman identity to the corporation (nation state) such that you are proforma regarded as an employee. ( You are property of the state , and property has a asset value and a treatable value based upon production capabilities)

This strawman system which allows the creation of sovereign bonds is the reason that we have abandoned a credit-based economy which requires backing by real value.

Formally, Sakli remained the owner of all the so-called ”global collateral”, and by preventing liquidation of sovereign bonds he has so far resisted the attempts of the oligarchs at concentrating all the world’s wealth into the hands of just a few.

Sakli says that it is this lack of access by the oligarchs to funds that is the root cause of the desperation in the system that is squeezing every last drop out of the people. Sakli also says that he was so grieved by the unbridled corruption and ruthlessness in the upper echelons of the system that he began to block the transactions.

I first heard of Sakli when I read an article about a businessman who had been abducted and taken to a notary in Rimini, Italy, where he was coerced into signing over documents worth 27 billion Euros: http://www.adnkronos.com/AKI/English/Security/?id=3.1.453857197

( I never signed that document )

Who receives the interest on the loads paid for by taxes?

Until 1972, the central loaning authorities were still operating under a system backed to a certain extent by gold, but after the appearance of the petrodollar the system has been based on thin air; on a ‘fiat’ money system where the actual value of wealth is secured by nothing more than what you and I are worth.

The current system has been in existence one way or another since the formation of credit by the spice route.This is the correct information as to how long this has been going on. In addition to which the countries never had the actual gold for the bond and papers they sold

Sakli puts it like this:

”Fiat money was created in WW1 to steal the Ottoman assets. (Wrong again Fiat money was always around).

The German gold backed bonds were the first fiat money and the Germans never had any gold to support the bonds they issued to fight WW1 against the Ottomans. And the Safra families were the ones who were in charge of the Ottoman Central bank that was in Lebanon, That was the reason why Israel invaded Lebanon in 1974 to steal the gold that was there”.

We are the resources

It is crucial to understand that the entire economic system is based on your having taken loans that you are the guarantor for, and that the state has taken loans which you also are the guarantor for through your ability and potential to pay taxes. ( As assets of the state under Feudal law)

This explains why one of the harshest punishments in our society is tax evasion or even incorrect tax returns. This is a highly contentious and pertinent issue. Here is an example of the state’s latest gambit designed to pressure us into a biometric database, with the (for them) wished for legal implications: http://www.aftenposten.no/nyheter/iriks/Foreslar-a-knytte-bilde-og-fingeravtrykk-til-folkeregisteret-7108848.html

Sovereign bonds are the main supports holding up the international economy, and you may be wondering who profits from these and why. The interest on loans that the state has taken out add up to huge amount, paid for by our taxes. In the case of Germany, the 2008 interest on public debt was 69 billion euros. Here are some figures from the US Treasury:
http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/ir/ir_expense.htm (That would be interest only per month ) For one years debt.

We know essentially all lending banks are privately owned, and what we are in fact witnessing is the biggest transfer of wealth of all time – from the taxpayers to the oligarchy that already controls most of the Earth’s resources. The debt of the nation is often singled out as the cause of the financial collapse which we have already seen and which is will highly likely continue: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/debt-crises-and-market-turmoil-is-the-world-going-bankrupt-a-779008.html

The accusing finger is often directed at over-consumption, private houskeeping and irresponsibility, but most of the time the cause is the exact opposite. In Spain and Ireland the national debt was actually on the retreat until their governments were ”forced” to bail out the banks. The Irish national debt increased for 11% to 23% between 2007 and 2012, and in Spain from 42% to 80% of BNP.

(All the banks and central banks have been insolvent since 2005 and they go on because I have kept them up so that people would have their jobs to put food on the table )

It defies all reason that a country with a solidity like that of Norway does not repay its national debt. Herer are the ‘Norges Bank’ comments on this issue: http://www.norges-bank.no/no/prisstabilitet/statsgjeld/hvorfor-har-den-norske-stat-gjeld/

Norway paid 22,6 billion in interest on the national debt in 2011. This clearly reveals how governments have allowed themselves to be bound by and committed to private bankers, either in passing legislation that makes it impossible for the state to ”borrow” from itself or through direct pressuring and threats. It seems the insterest on state loans provide a source of income that the above-mentioned oligarchy does not want to forfeit, and the worst part is that the states plays along with this. It may be relevant to ask ‘Why?’. (Because they are a property and do as they are instructed to keep the Royal structures and their governors in power to be able to spend your futures)

If it was to be shown that Sakli is indeed the ”first position of the law”, that would in turn mean that Norges Bank, the Norwegian government as well as all the banks and institutions of the world are acting illegally, but it would also reveal the cause behind the seemingly desperate economic policies. ( They continue to issue debt. And when I can not eliminate them they continue to hide and keep the people in misery )




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