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An Economist’s view of OPPT 2

I have come to read Ryan’s writing by chance yesterday, and he is right. Economists around the world have been taught that the source of economic growth is no longer capital and labor, yet anybody who can determine the lines in a graph proportionate to the growth of GDP, is essentially nominated with a Noble Prize. Milton Friedman was one of them. So much so that people often think he was the creator of the theory of economic growth.

I graduated in Economics (Hons) in 2010 and my final year thesis was on the measurement of human capital development as a source of economic growth. I mention this to show that not much have changed in economic syllabuses, since Ryan graduated in 2001 and he was studying the same theories.

While economists talk about trade-offs and opportunity costs, they seem to almost always revert back to monetary gains as the highest returns one will ever get. This cancels all the other realms of reality in the spiritual and soul level, which is not surprising as all the great philosophers from Jean Paul Sartre to Nietsche do not acknowledge the existence of reincarnation. Sartre, being the good friend of Adam Smith (alleged father of Economics) has obviously much influence on his writings.

The concept that anything can be obtained for nothing is one of the most destructive and damning of which the human mind can conceive: There is nothing free in the Universe. Everything that man can accept or receive or from which he can derive benefit must be paid for in some manner. The Law of compensation is of Universal application, and regardless of any other consideration, man “must make a sacrifice to attain the thing he seeks,” if he is to derive value from it. When this law is ignored, the person who ignores it becomes a moral and spiritual beggar and deprives himself of the benefits of the law.

OPPT opens a whole new level of exchange between two basic economic entities and grants them full responsibilities. Ultimately there will be many arguments how this will not work, however as the consciousness of earth ascends, the Law of compensation applies itself and manifest a new way to work things. As we take more responsibilities for ourselves, so we govern ourselves, not the alleged governments.

Adam Smith’s theory based on economic selfishness is gradually falling apart as people become more aware of who they are. Selfishness, as an emotion, automatically lowers the vibrations of the body. This is reflected in reduced resistance to the encroachment of both mental and physical programming from every level of the society.

By the absolute power of the omnipotent word, we will stand for the freedom from all its claims upon ourselves. The argument which shows how technology and human capital is the source of economic growth have never been drawn against the visits of UFOs and star families from the universe. Creativity might well be the reason for this growth, yet when economists try to measure an intangible, they almost always distort the real value of it.

Last but not least, I offer my gratitude to all who have been taken some quiet times for themselves and meditated to bring light to the world. I am with the Brotherhood of Light and those who are not; please be gone now.



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