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We are not driving, just travelling

1) De Jure: Lawful Law AKA Common Law AKA Constitution Law
Applies to everyone.

2) De Facto: Legal Law AKA Law Society AKA Law of Water
Applies to legal fiction/persons, corporations and federal agents.

You apply for a Drivers License, then you are applying to have Legal Laws enforced upon you. With a Drivers License you are now a legal fiction.

Blacks Law defines a Driver as someone who gets paid to go from point A to point B AKA Commerce.

Websters dictionary defines a Driver as someone out for a tour. AKA not engaging in commerce.

So if a cop asks you if you know how fast you were driving…. Say No! I was not driving I was traveling, can you prove in a court of law(which is based on facts and evidence) that I am in fact Driving?

The Constitution states we are all free to travel.

Ever wonder why they teach you English in school and not legalese?

“They will speak in tongs for all to hear, but none will understand their words.” – Jesus


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