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It’s Not Easy Being Green: Your Eco-Friendly Car is Kinder to Some Cities – thanks A

It’s no big secret that cars are responsible for a good deal of pollution: There are over 250 million of them in the US alone, and they pump out greenhouse gases by the truckload each day. For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, electric cars have, for quite a few years now, been the most popular alternative to gas-powered cars. While electric cars are certainly considered to be the more eco-friendly mode of transportation, there is some discussion as to just how much greener electric vehicles really are. If you’re thinking that your next car might be an electric one, consider the following infographic before you settle on which e-vehicle you want. The fact is that, unbeknownst to most consumers, the “greenness” of your electric car depends a lot on just where you’re plugging it in. For residents of some cities, electric cars there may be far less green than in others. For those living in cities powered primarily by coal, the energy being expended in charging your car might be just as detrimental to the environment as just driving a gasoline-powered car. Since electric cars are typically more expensive than gas-fueled vehicles, the savvy car consumer should pause before buying and ask, “will an electric car really be greener in my city?”
Green Cars Infographic



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