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Australian Nation States Project

“In terms of declaring your state as free of the AUSTRALIAN government — and I’m talking about the corporate government and all of its affiliates — what happens is that each state becomes, according to this Notification Process, its own sovereign nation.”
To understand further, please refer HERE.

1.    Seek and find your state’s first (sovereign) constitution. All the better if it was never ratified.
1776 to 1890 constitution for the 7 colonies.
Original state or organic Australia constitution for the rest of the states.

2.    Convene a jural assembly of a minimum of 5  flesh and blood human beings living on the land
called your state to bring forward to sovereign state.

3.    Conduct a jural assembly meeting have someone take minutes

4.    Discuss your issues of sovereignty, etc. Ratify your constitution with an open, amendable clause.        Have members sign it under these words “subject to Referendum 1999 by and of the Electors”

5.    Appoint 2 or more members to create a notice document including;

Official notice to the Hague
Minutes of the jural assembly
Notarized Certification of minutes (Statutary Declaration Form)
Apostille to send Notice to the Hague.
State Constitution with Original, non-corporate state seal. (if available)
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK with Seal.

6.    Make several quality color copies

7.    Take your notice document to your state Apostille Office and get an Apostille to the Hague,
Keep receipts.

8.    Get copies Certified with addition of copy of the Apostille.

9.    Overnight originals and one Certified copy of all State documents to be bundled into
a notice of coalition to the collector, who will send all State documents to the Hague:

Address of Collector;

Notice to Hague will take up to 30 days to get to and receive notice of receipt back.
We will have a committee to review the various state documents to ensure there are no inadvertent
errors which by the use of language could alter the intent. We need to take great care that all states
in the coalition have the paperwork perfect before we send it. We will have conference calls for the
purpose of Q&A to help the various states in understanding and executing the process and documents as well.

Sam Broad


The People’s Mandate.

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