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Exclusive interview with MT Keshe



One thought on “Exclusive interview with MT Keshe

  1. Many thanks for posting this video, very clearly Mr. Keshe is facing the same form of embattlement that all who want to bring these advanced technologies to light face. Interesting point is that he says the 5Kw units will all be delivered in December (apparently there is 3,000) of these units. I very much hope so. I find it interesting that the extent of the product offering goes into so many different areas, all those areas that the PTW have full control, agriculture, medical and energy. I pray that he does not meet the same ending as Stanley Myers. For those who are interested a fellow by the name of Gary Vesperman produced a fantastic document on all the suppressed energy technologies, it makes fascinating reading you can google him and the document is free for downloading. The stories in this document are amazing, they go to the scope and extent of the Octopus when it comes to directly swiping these items.

    Posted by Dominique | October 10, 2012, 12:15 am

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