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First Called ‘US Enemy of State’, Now Julian Assange Makes UN Appearance

First this morning, my time in Australia, he has been called an ‘enemy of the state’ by the US  (see second story below) and now he’s at the UN!

There is so much more – much, much more – to the whole Julian Assange saga than many of us realise… as we will soon know.

sage’s post on Sergio di Modigliani’s blogpost which explained a lot of the real background to the Assange story  is here:http://the2012scenario.com/2012/08/julian-assange-international-intrigue-and-whats-going-on-with-ecuador/

Julian Assange Makes UN Appearance

By AAP, Sydney Morning Herald – September 27, 2012


Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was beamed live by satellite from within the Ecuadorean embassy in London to Wednesday’s United Nations forum, when he called on the United States government to end its pursuit of his whistleblower website.

“It is time for the US to cease its persecution of WikiLeaks, to cease its persecution of our people, and to cease its persecution of our alleged sources,” Mr Assange told the Strengthening Human Rights meeting.

“It is time for President [Barack] Obama to do the right thing … not in fine words, but in fine deeds.”

Mr Assange sought asylum in Ecuador after failing to appeal against orders by British courts that he be extradited to Sweden for questioning over sexual assault allegations.

Mr Assange denies the claims and fears his extradition will lead to his transportation to the US where he will be prosecuted for publishing a cache of confidential US diplomatic cables and documents on his website.

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr on Wednesday said the position of Mr Assange had not been discussed during any of his meetings with international delegates while in New York. Nor does he have any intention of meeting Ecuadorian officials on the issue.

Ecuador request to Britain

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister will ask British authorities to give Mr Assange safe passage out of Britain in a bid to end the stand-off between the countries.

Ricardo Patino told a human rights forum at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Wednesday that he planned to meet British Foreign Secretary William Hague in the city on Thursday.

It will be the first talks between the two countries since the Latin American nation granted the Australian WikiLeaks founder diplomatic asylum in August.

“What we are going to ask is that they will grant him safe passage so his asylum can be effective,” Mr Patino said through a translator.

“We see this as a way not only to resolve the deadlock between our two countries, but also to protect the human rights of Mr Assange.

“The other question that’s in the air is: what if they don’t grant him safe conduct? Do we want to keep him 10 years in our embassy? Mr Assange would have to live there for 10 years without having the right to his life, his personal life, intimacy, the right to mobility.”

Mr Patino said Ecuador will “not back down” from its commitment to Mr Assange’s human rights.


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