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IMPORTANT: Incomplete information from ex-police officer on your website

*** NOTE TO ALL READERS – I just received this email and think it is really important for me to post it here for all to read. Many have written in to the post by the ex police sergeant and it is my responsibility to say here, that I am not the author of that article, and have posted that article after a reader sent it through to my email to share it with everyone. Now that I know where that article came from, I do apologise for not paying credit to the team at Aussie Speeding Fines.

To Whom It May Concern,

 We have had MANY of our 18,000 Members write to us with the following link to your website –http://nesaraaustralia.com/2012/09/22/how-and-why-you-should-fight-all-fines-by-an-ex-police-sergeant/

 That is taken DIRECTLY from a PAID, Members ONLY website of ours – accordingly, we require you to please credit us with this e-mail. It took us a LOT of work to get that ex-police officer to write such a detailed e-mail and, whilst we obviously encourage people to fight back against their fines, we would encourage them to do so with our step-by-step system to do that, which is detailed in our 85 page e-book.

 Accordingly, please explain that to people on your website or, at the very least, direct people to our website www.aussiespeedingfines.com for further details.

 We thank you for your co-operation.

  The Team at Aussie Speeding Fines

Authors of – “Speeding Fines – What You REALLY Need to Know!”

Web: www.aussiespeedingfines.com

E-mail: info@aussiespeedingfines.com


N.B. This document is to be used Without Prejudice towards the author(s).



One thought on “IMPORTANT: Incomplete information from ex-police officer on your website

  1. Stan, Thanks very much for the tips but your are mistaken as it is even easier than that, there is no need to go into the quasi courts and argue anthing and this is an option that can never be used to end the matter.
    The truth of the matter is that the Infringenment Notice was not made out to the true and correct person in the first place and when receiving the Notice you simply send it back Unclaimed Return to Sender and this then places the need for the quasi court hearing to be commenced by the issuing Police Officer or the State collection agency. You shold also be aware that these are all administrative matters and the process stops in its tracks if the respondant to the notice does not accept, claim or hold the Infringement notice and sends it back unclaimed. Even after the collection agency sends it out in a window envelope it goes straight back marked exactly the same as the Notice as it is not deemed to be served and they can do nothing about it and they have to commence the action but they will never use the name of your true person. Qld has one billion dollars owing for a population of five million so the have no chance of making much money out of their scamms, we all ready have the answers and you process is only stalling the known end result, it just take a little longer your way but you still loose.

    Posted by Dan Young | September 26, 2012, 7:02 pm

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