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Catholic Church Was Bulwark Against Cabalists

by Tony Blizzard

Cabalist Jews recognized that social harmony and personal happiness depends on the “firm foundation of faith in God.”

From “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” 

“But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth.” (Protocol #4, paragraph #3)

This is an accurate description of Europe before Protestantism – the protest against the Church; especially of England which, before Protestantism, was known as Merrie ol’ England and was about the most contented, happiest land on Earth.

It was the place of Magna Charta, trial by a jury of one’s peers (those who knew the accused personally), and other fairness’s in government.  The Church was everywhere, tending to the needs of the people, actual want was nonexistent as all needs were alleviated by that Church with its “wardship of parishes.”

This is the middle time of European history, what Protestant “history,” aka Talmudic propaganda, calls “the dark ages.”

Then came England’s hell (as well as much of the rest of Europe), the true dark ages, not overcome to this day, in the name of “Protestantism.”

The forces used to implement it in England came from the Netherlands, which had been corrupted by the Talmudists run out of Spain by both the Church and the State inquisitions, the State being the more harsh (which is now constantly attributed to the Church).

Buried completely in our false “history” is the FACT that these inquisitions were instigated to save the Church and the State from being taken over by ongoing deceitful infiltration, and thus destruction, by the Talmudists, who have always called that Christ-instituted Church their only real enemy on earth.

Therefore the rest of protocol #4, paragraph #3:


Arithmetical calculations and material needs are, indeed, an accurate description of Protestantism at its very core.  There is no true spiritualism in it whatsoever.

The United States, illegitimate offspring of Protestant England, is prime proof of said statement.  It’s whole reason for being, today more than ever, totally in the grip of satanic Talmudists, is a materialistic, insanely greed driven attempt to take over the whole world in the name of profit.

Power through misused technology for profit.  Under the “Illuminated one” known as Lucifer as its true god.  Its citizenry sucked into the maelstrom created from the scum at the top with almost no recourse, as per protocol #7, paragraph #6:

“In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan.”


Tony Blizzard is a venerated veteran of the American Patriot scene. Wrote the cover copy for “Waters Flowing Eastward,” the best version of The Protocols of ZionBlue collar all his life, working numberless jobs of great variety.  Raised his kids alone, home schooling them at the same time.  Grew up in an orphanage with no real life guidance.  Had to figure things out on his own, mostly by living and reading real information.  Learned more truth hitch-hiking 3,000 miles across the U.S. at age 17 than any schooling.

First Comment

Krister writes:

Tony Blizzard writes: “The forces used to implement it in England came from the Netherlands, which had been corrupted by the Talmudists run out of Spain …”.

Regarding that, well known historian Webster Tarpley, famous for his “George Bush – The Unauthorized Biography“, can give us some more insight. In his “The Venetian Conspiracy” (Campaigner 1981) he describe how the money-powers ruling Venice for some 1500 years, conspired to instigate the Protestant reformation, and by that laying the ground for the devastating 30-year war of Europa. Venice was an early center of book publishing and the oligarchs that did run the small city state, saw the advantages in promoting Martin Luther by printing his writings in large issues.  

Here some excerpts from “The Venetian Conspiracy” (bold text by Tarpley):

“Venice can best be thought of as a kind of conveyor belt, transporting the Babylonian contagions of decadent antiquity smack dab into the world of modern states.”

“Venice was at the center of the efforts to destroy the advanced European civilization of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and bears a crushing burden of guilt for the ascendancy of the Black Guelphs and the coming of the black plague. The Venetians were the intelligencers for the Mongol army of Ghengis Khan and his heirs, and had a hand in guiding them to the sack of Baghdad and the obliteration of its renaissance in the thirteenth century.”

“Venetian public relations specialists were responsible for picking up the small-time German provincial heretic Martin Luther and raising him to the big-time status of heresiarch among a whole herd of total-predestination divines. Not content with this wrecking operation against the Church, Venice was thereafter the “mother” for the unsavory, itinerant Ignatius of Loyola and his Jesuit order.” 

“Although Napoleon Bonaparte had the merit of forcing the formal liquidation of this loathsome organism during his Italian campaign of 1797, his action did not have the effect we would have desired. The cancer, so to speak, had already had ample time for metastasis — into Geneva, Amsterdam, London, and elsewhere. Thus, though the sovereign political power of Venice had been extinguished, its characteristic method lived on, serving as the incubator of what the twentieth century knows as fascism, first in its role as a breeding ground for the protofascist productions of Wagner and Nietzsche, later in the sponsorship of fascist politicians like Gabriele D’Annunzio and Benito Mussolini. The Venetians ran a large chunk of the action associated with the Parvus Plan to dismember Russia, and may well have been the ones who surprised everyone, including London, by unleashing World War 1 in the Balkans.”

“Most important, Venice is today through its Cini Foundation and its Societé Europeenne de Culture, the think tank and staging area for the Club of Rome and related deployments. Venice is the supranational homeland of the New Dark Ages gang, the unifying symbol for the most extreme Utopian lunatic fringe in the international intelligence community today.”



Webster Tarpley – The Venetian Conspiracy



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