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Zu Peng: On Spirituality in China and 2012

I was born in the northeast of China, Liaoning Province.  I finished my university study in Tianjin and came to Singapore in the end of 2008 for PhD study. Now I’m expected to finish studying and go back to China at the end of 2012.

A Chinese news report first led to my awakening, on “Boriska, an indigo boy from Mars,” (1) from a website around 2010 or 2011. The website focused on collecting current affairs about politics and economics from all Chinese media and I browsed it very often.

This news was quite amazing to me because Boriska talked so much about his previous life as a Martian and mystical mathematics in the Pyramid. I believed he didn’t lie.  From then on, I searched the Internet again and again to find some similar stories and explanations, I learnt about reincarnation (previous lives), the spaceship on the moon, (2)  HARRP [High Altitude Auroral Research Project], the Rothschild family, crop circles.

One day, I read some teachings from extraterrestrials. Again it shook me. I believed there were some ETs, but I could not understand how they could speak to humans on earth.  Following up on that discovery, I founded a well organized group, Baidu discussion forum, which means “Love and Light, the way back to the Source”. There are nearly 4500 members in this group.

This Baidu forum was like a library which collected all types of spiritual information, including many channeled messages, videos like Project Camelot, spiritual science series, some books and news. Many people who speak Chinese joined this forum from all over the world – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, England.

The vast majority of information is translated from English. (That’s why Yang Ling thought the ascension may only occur in the West. Until today, someone in our group still harbored this doubt. This Baidu forum was also mentioned by Yang Ling in anther post regarding China in this yahoo group.

I first read the Ami the Child of the Stars series (3) and the book made me a vegetarian, very smoothly, around May or June 2011.  It was a big surprise even to me, and certainly to all my friends in my office. The same group of people in the Baidu forum also established another meditation group. They organized meditation every day, from 9pm-11pm, and they used the speech communication tool (online audio chat room, it can accommodate as much as 10,000 people) on the Internet to organize the meditation, so that all the participants can do mediation on the same topic at the same time.

Usually, several hundred people participated in this meditation activity; when there are global mediation events calling from the other corner of the world, for example, meditations about London Olympics and the 11/11/11 last year, more people – over one thousand – will attend.  Also, in this speech group, we shared experiences, understandings, news about spiritual topics after meditation.

Someone with real, personal spiritual experience joined this group and shared information, too.  A famous one named “Phoenix” produced meditation audio regularly, every single day his blog was read several thousand times, more than ten thousand times.

His meditation about the Violet Flame was very popular among us. (Archangel Michael said in An Hour With An Angel that the Violet Flame is very active in China. (4) I believe this meditation about Violet Flame contributes a lot).

I would like to also introduce another group named ”The awaker.net ”(觉醒字幕组) , they have translated and introduced a lot videos and books, such as Project Camelot, Source Field Investigations, by David Wilcock. Meanwhile, a publishing house emerged, which encouraged spiritual work to be introduced to China and Chinese-speaking people.

Everything seemed to go well. But suddenly, the Baidu forum was closed by the Baidu Authority in April of this year. And the meditation room was disrupted, too. We don’t know why. We guess it was related to the Bo Xilai event. There was a lot of discussions about mass arrest which were discussed again and again by the channeling information.

Meanwhile, around March of this year, some spiritual groups in Guangzhou were pronounced illegal by the Chinese local government (I don’t know whether they are real spiritual groups or just made money by spiritual exercises) and some real spiritual groups were affected. The Baidu forum was obviously affected.

Since the gathering place was closed, some people stopped translating information and went back to their own blogs. Many people just simply left. From then on, I started to translate information for the first time and opened my own blog. Then, we created new forum on both Baidu and the other website. Though we confronted some difficulties, the new Baidu forum is on track and there are 3,400 members now.

Gradually, I could translate more messages and I found the 2012 Scenario website. We like this website because there are trustworthy channeled sources here and the editors answer questions from the readers in a timely manner, which are also our questions. Especially the InLight radio programs (5) give special current progress reports such as from AAM and Sierra, which cannot be heard anywhere else. The 2012 Scenario also reminded us of some possible fake messages like Micah or about some misunderstandings like August 4, 2012. (6)

Recently, I got up my courage to write to Linda to ask some questions about China. We all know that Linda and the editors are quite busy.  It is our great honor to receive a favorable response from Linda and the 2012 Scenario team and we have as a result this Hour with An Angelprogram about China. It gave us a lot of encouragement and informed us of the political situation and spiritual progress in China.

It also established a bridge between us and the 2012 Scenario discussion group, a bridge across the world. We’ve seen a lot of people concerned about China and some ethnic Chinese from the 2012 Scenario yahoo group. Thanks to all. I wish all my best to you all. I hope we have the opportunity to invite the 2012 Scenario team to China to give some teaching or workshop (7) and invite all the friends in this yahoo group to China to have a pleasant tour.

Thanks again and best regards,

Zu Peng


(1) See for instance, “Boriska the Boy from Mars,” at http://www.phils.com.au/boris.htm

(2) See the following articles: “Mona Lisa, an Extraterrestrial Discovered in a Lunar Spaceship,” Aug. 7, 2010, at http://the2012scenario.com/world-disclosure-day/who-are-the-extraterrestrials/mona-lisa-an-extraterrestrial-discovered-in-a-lunar-spaceship/;  “More on Mona Lisa, a Deceased ET Found in a Lunar Spaceship,”  Aug. 8, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/2010/08/more-on-the-lunar-mona-lisa/;”Three of the Most Exciting UFO Videos I’ve Seen,” Sept. 27, 2011, at http://the2012scenario.com/2011/09/three-of-the-most-exciting-ufo-videos-ive-seen/; “Another Video Emerges on Downed Alien Spacecraft on the Moon,” June 28, 2011, at http://the2012scenario.com/2011/06/another-video-emerges-on-downed-alien-spacecraft-on-the-moon/.

(3) Ami Child of the Stars at http://www.godsdirectcontact.org/eng/news/166/bk1.htm

(4) “The aura of China is magenta, and it speaks to compassion. It speaks to bridges and awareness. It speaks to the future. This is not about China ever gaining or becoming the pre-eminent power. This is — yes, as Quan Yin would say — awakening the dragon, for there is nothing more glorious than the goddess riding the dragon. But the awakening of the dragon is the awakening of the people, and it is the awakening deep within them that they know their truth, they know their capacity to create.”  (“Transcript: Archangel Michael on China, August 20, 2012,” at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/08/transcript-archangel-michael-on-china-august-20-2012/ )

(5) InLight Radio is really the creation of Graham Dewyea. Though we co-operate with them, InLight Radio is its own group.

(6) Which some billed as the date for Disclosure.

(7) Linda Dillon especially has roots in China and a great interest in traveling there.



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