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4 Crop Circles now CONFIRM AUGUST 4TH


Windmill Hill of July 25, 2012 may represent a “lunar crescent” over a “trident”, to symbolize a conjunction of our Moon with planet Neptune on August 3-4, 2012  
A new crop picture at Windmill Hill on July 25, 2012 has astonished many people with its elegance and beauty. Yet what could the many symbols shown there be trying to tell us? On an overall level, it seems to show an artistic metaphor relating a “crescent” symbol for our Moon to a “trident” symbol for planet Neptune:
Our Moon will come very close in Earth’s sky (or conjunct) Neptune on August 3, 2012 at 2200 UT. Essentially then, this new crop picture shows a “trident” in which its “three spears” have been replaced with a “lunar crescent”!
A slight curvature down the long axis of Windmill Hill, from one end to the other, may match a similar curvature in the sky path of our Moon along the solar ecliptic, for one month during late July or mid-August of 2012 (as seen from latitudes 15 to 20N on Earth):
Looking more closely, if we begin counting from its small circles on one end, we can assign dates of July26-27-28-29-30 to five small circles outside of a thin circular ring. Next we can assign dates of July 31-August 1-August 2 until we reach the largest circle inside of its “lunar crescent”. That large circle matches correctly the next full Moon on August 2 at 0327 UT:
Then we may continue with two slightly smaller circles inside of its “lunar crescent” for August 3-August 4, followed by a brief space of time where everything “stops”.
Two thin crescent shapes, which have been drawn outside of a circular full Moon for August 2, may mean “two days past a full Moon” on August 3 or 4. Our Moon will conjunct Neptune late on August 3 at 2200 UT, as 43 hours or almost two days past a full Moon on August 2 at 0300 UT.
On the other side of “stop”, we can count 16 overlapping circles for “16 additional days”. Then if we add (10 + 16) we find 26 days, which is just short of one lunar month of 29.5 days. By this interpretation, three small circles for August 5-6-7 (in a white flattened region) would be “not shown“:
Why would those crop artists go to so much effort, to show us a relatively insignificant sky conjunction between our Moon and Neptune late on August 3, 2012? It makes no sense, unless the date itself happens to be significant in some way we cannot yet imagine. For whatever reason, this seems to be the fourth crop picture of 2012 to tell us a date of “August 4”.
First Manton Drove of June 2 showed us a “polar clock” which could be read as August 4 or 5. Next Santena of June 17 (in Italy) showed us the Sun and Mercury in Cancer on August 4, leading into another date of December 21, 2012 for end to the Mayan Long Count calendar. Then The Wrekin of July 21 showed us a triangular arrangement of Saturn, Spica and Mars on August 4. Finally Windmill Hill of July 25 seems to have shown us the Moon in conjunction with Neptune on August 3-4.
None of these astronomical groupings would be significant by themselves. In order to gain more information about this puzzling subject, we should see at least one more crop picture around July 29 (by the time series of July 21, 25, 29, ….) before August 4 is reached.
According to the Mayan Long Count calendar, July 26 would, while August 1 would be and August 4 would be A previous crop picture in July 2011 at Windmill Hill used Mayan numbers, as did Fabbrico in Italy in June 2012. Now at Windmill Hill in July of 2012, we have seen two separate series of circles as 10 or 16 matching August 1 in the Mayan calendar (or August 4 as 10 and 19, if three small circles have been “not shown”).
Appendix 1. Further convincing evidence for a paranormal crop picture at Windmill Hill on July 25, 2012: the dating and imagery of a bright full Moon on August 2, 2012 
As the fields of Wiltshire dry out in late July or early August, it has become possible for local humans with rope and boards to construct a variety of field diagrams, without covering the fallen plants in mud (as was the case in a wet June or July). Thus it becomes of some interest: how we can logically tell paranormal crop pictures from good human-made efforts?
One of the best ways to assess whether a crop picture is truly “paranormal” is to look for convincing details, which could not easily (or plausibly) have been made by skilled humans with rope and boards. One such clever detail is noted in the slide below, which shows how the unknown crop artist added a single standing tuft to the large circle labelled “August 1”, to help identify its assigned date as “first day of the month”:
Until we counted carefully all of the circles in the entire crop diagram, starting with a small circle for July 26 on the right, and ending with 16 large circles on the left (to complete one lunar month), this detail made no sense.
Another clever detail was drawn throughout the white, flattened region which denotes a “lunar crescent” around the centre. There we can see a series of thin, striated lines, which presumably were meant to represent a bright, shining full Moon on August 2, 2012, or perhaps two days later on August 4, 2012:
It would have been almost impossible for local humans with rope and board to make all of those thin, striated lines by hand, as close-up ground photographs of Windmill Hill can attest.
A “Day Out of Time” from the 13-month, 28-day calendar proposed in 1992 by Jose Arguelles?  
By another interpretation, suggested by Miguel Etchepare, the largest circle in the diagram shown above might represent a bright crescent Moon on July 25, 2012, or one day later on July 26. By that view, Windmill Hill would have been made to mark a “Day Out of Time” from the 13-month, 28-days-per-month calendar proposed in 1992 by Jose Arguelles (see www.13moon.com ). His calendar only contains 13 x 28 = 364 days per year, and hence has to add one more day every year on July 25 (an arbitrary date) to reach 365 (see newconnexion.net ).
It should be emphasized that his novel calendar is not part of traditional Mayan culture (see www.pauahtun.org/Calendar/tools.html). If we were to start counting with the smallest circle at Windmill Hill as a new Moon of July 19, then we would reach its largest circle as a bright first-quarter Moon on July 26. Why then should its next two circles for July 27 or 28 get smaller, if the Moon is still getting brighter?  
Appendix 2. Windmill Hill on July 25, 2012 shows a direct continuation of lunar motion as shown at The Wrekin on July 21, 2012, and so both crop pictures were probably made by the same (or collaborating) artists 
A crop picture at The Wrekin in Shropshire on July 21, 2012 showed a “moving crescent Moon” for a date two days later on July 23. It also showed a distinctive triangular arrangement of Saturn, Spica and Mars for a date close to August 4.
A subsequent crop picture at Windmill Hill in Wiltshire on July 25, 2012 showed “trident” plus “crescent” symbols, to mark a conjunction between our Moon and Neptune on August 3-4. It apparently began its day-count from a lunar date of July 26 (but see above).
When we plot both sky arrangements together, we find that Windmill Hill (from July 26 to August 3-4) shows a direct continuation of lunar motion as shown at The Wrekin (for July 23):
Furthermore, a triangular arrangement of Saturn, Spica and Mars as shown at The Wrekin actually matches a date of August 3-4, when our Moon will conjunct Neptune, rather than a nearby lunar diagram at The Wrekin for July 23.
Given the astronomical similarities between these two crop pictures, it seems likely that both were made by the same (or collaborating) artists.
Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


2 thoughts on “4 Crop Circles now CONFIRM AUGUST 4TH

  1. Yeah, a lot of those crop circles are from artists, if that’s what you want to call them.
    I believe many UFO sightings are simple misinterpretations of somethings else, but I do believe in the possibility that some of them may be something well beyond human understanding. There are so many possibilities.

    Check this out:

    Posted by bebo2781 | August 3, 2012, 10:50 am

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