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On Rage, Hanging Bankers And Blair or Why we Should start To Arrest Bankers. Seriously!

Update: A reader (hattip Rose) send me a link to a BBC web page. It appears that the government of Ireland is beginning to find its backbone back and three Irish top bankers have been arrested in connection with irregularities and the exposure of the Irish banking system to the unfettered Derivatives trade and the subsequent collapse. It seems the most recent arrest was at the airport with one baker trying to leave the country to avoid arrest.

Over the past few weeks three words have been used in one sentence with regularity. They were Bankers, Hanging and Rage.

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the picture this paints but what is really interesting is that these words were combined in articles appearing in the mainstream media. See herehere and Tony Blair as the JP Morgan stooge he is who strongly protests the sentiment.

With the rats leaving the sinking ship it is promising that at least some actually motivate their departure such as the senior official who opens a book on the goings on at the IMF (the International Mafia Federation according to Gerald Celente).

I find that promising!

SOURCE here.



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