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Watch the documentary CORPORATION NATION. It is all about CAFRs and is very entertaining, albeit a bit long. Excellent info. The guy who created the film, Clint Richardson, works directly with Walter Burien, who is a hero in the world of exposing CAFRs. Clint is in conversation with Foster Gamble to help he and Walter get the word about CAFRs out there through interviews, more documentary’s etc. I started a communication with Clint after I saw his documentary, I was so impressed by it. I was totally surprised when he returned my email. A year or so had passed and I contacted Clint again a couple of days ago when I saw Foster’s video. I asked him what i could do to help him in his work. This is what he emailed me back:

“I have five scripts either finished or in progress.

I would like to film Walter Burien actually implementing his TRF fund in a city or county or school district as well as interview him in an extended interview with myself and him.

I also want to document my declaration of non-citizenship to the United States, as well as suing for my Social Security investment back for all I’ve been forced under duress to “contribute”.

The one thing I lack is money. It’s the unfortunate truth in being a true full-time activist. I need to get a job at this point which will take me away from research and movie-making/writing. Food and rent is what I was hoping for, but no one has stepped up. thus, I had hoped that Gamble was legit, and would see fit to fund my projects, whatever they be, but especially the CAFR projects. Also, I’ve had to turn down three big full-time radio hosting jobs because they don’t pay – you need to sell something to make it pay for itself. I am not a salesman, and I have to really believe in what I do sell if I did.

So its a dilemma. I’ve got all the equipment, I just need to survive in the mean time. And any help with graphics etc. would be great.

Anyway, thanks.

Please contact Clint- clint@cafr1.com if you can help in any way to get this hugely critical information out there. Watch ‘Corporation Nation’, it really is a great film-.



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