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David Wilcock Update on OBAMA


Icke also linked to an article I once wrote in 2009, entitled “The Power Elite Do Not Control Obama.”

I did hear from trusted insiders that Obama had no idea what he had gotten himself into — until the day all the presidents met before his inauguration.

This was when all the threats were issued — and he was told what the President of the United States really was — little more than a paid shill for the Federal Reserve.


I was shown a picture of a manila envelope left on his desk that had all the briefing documents in it — telling him what his real job would be.

I can say, quite confidently, that extraordinary death threats have been given to Obama and his entire family. I have documented some of them in the past.


Under such pressure, it would be almost impossible for anyone to have handled it differently.

I had high hopes for Obama to overcome these vested interests. In the early days of 2009, he really did push for the change he had promised — but it simply did not happen.


I do deeply regret that. I think an opportunity existed — but Obama did not choose to take the same path John F. Kennedy had in the past.



We also received very high-level intel that a Disclosure event was indeed planned for November 2009.


Obama would have taken the lead on this one, by introducing us to five different groups of human ETs who were here to help.


This too was foiled — apparently by five different insider opposition groups.


However, the following year, NBC came out with a television series, “The Event”, that almost perfectly duplicated the intel that had aired exclusively on this website.


Although Disclosure did not happen at this time, the story itself is still quite interesting.



Apparently, Obama had decided to go ahead with a Disclosure announcement in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech in Norway, in early December — even though his original two-hour TV special in late November had been thwarted.


HAARP was fired up the day before and a giant spiral was created in the air — causing a huge buzz on the Internet. The location was directly next to where Obama would receive his Nobel prize.

The “Norway Spiral” event moved us closer to Disclosure. I extensively investigated it at the time, and clearly proved that HAARP was being used at the time it occurred.


The pattern, contour and shape was utterly consistent with the use of HAARP — based on their own documented materials.



I have since found out, from very reliable sources, that if Obama said anything during his Nobel speech, the Cabal told him they would create one of these HAARP microwave spirals in front of his plane.


He would not survive. Everyone would assume it was a tragic accident. The bodies, burned inside out by microwaves, would have been consumed in the fire of the plane crash.


The Norway Spiral was a last-minute desperation move by the Cabal, in which they had to do something public and grandiose to scare Obama into submission.


It worked like a charm — and no one figured out, at the time, why it was really done.



I do understand why some investigators simply cannot wrap their heads around this story. Part of it is lack of access…..



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