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Vatican Bank, Gotti Tedeschi pm to: “Here are the secrets of JP Morgan»

Vatican Bank, Gotti Tedeschi pm to:
“Here are the secrets of JP Morgan»
The former president will explain the international money laundering. Five hours of attorney. The dossier was for Pope’s secretary
by Sara Menafra il Messaggero
(Google translator)
ROME – Closed offices in which the prosecutor in Rome in Piazza Adriana, the former president of the IOR Ettore Gotti Tedeschi explains in detail how the mechanism of recycling through the Vatican bank worked, which he conducted from September 2009 to 24 May. Starting from the account held at JP Morgan in 2009 and which has passed one billion euros and that was one of the main channels of the alleged money laundering activities, given that the money credited to Milan were constantly moved here in Germany and again made available to depositors.
A long and detailed story, which the banker has in fact retraced all the steps of the memorial that had started preparing in January last year. But to whom, in the last days before the IOR of farewell, he added a two-page letter when he feared that after the savage fighting took place in the Vatican could really happen to ‘something’.
The memorial, which the prosecution is holding joint interrogation by the prosecutor in Naples last June 6 contains emails and notes for the Cardinals Bertone and Nicora and Paolo Cipriani. But it opens with a letter of ten pages that begin with a “dear lord,” since the actual recipient of the documentation should have been his father Georg Gaenswein, the secretary of the Pope that he would be delivered directly into the hands of Father Benedict XVI .
Among the attachments to the script, there are documents direct to the Vatican secretary of state Tarcisio Bertone, to Attilio Nicora, president dell’Aif, financial supervisors in the Vatican, to the Director General of the IOR Paolo Cipriani. Just a note sent to Bertone, former president of the IOR also speak of the contrasts as have occurred with Cipriani. It also touches on the node for an IOR account at JP Morgan, the latter decided to close in late March.
Gotti talks about responding to Bertone, who asked for an explanation of why JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, Milan branch of the U.S. bank, had decided to close the account no. 1365 – on which would be passed around one billion euros from 2009 – the balance of which, by virtue of a contractual term was reduced to zero at the end of the day, with content flowing to another account of IOR in Frankfurt. JP Morgan asked for clarification on some payments, after which, having received no satisfactory answers, announced it would close the account.
A line that Gotti, providing guidance to Bertone, indicating a good reason, since the U.S. bank had not received the requested information. As for the accounts, there is a general discussion on the procedures have been followed, procedures that Gotti Tedeschi identifies the information provided by the financial firm Deloitte, in which the IOR had in place an advisory relationship. But the collaboration with the advisor has stopped in July because of the board of the IOR – always says the document – criticisms were advanced on the costs claimed by the company.
Hard the story about the clash on the Vatican’s anti-money laundering law, desired by Benedict XVI to adapt to the Holy See and the IOR with the European standards of transparency. At the conclusion of the interrogation by the prosecutor and the prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone In Rossi and Stefano Rocco Fava, Gotti Tedeschi has been made available to the prosecutors to analyze and reorganize the forty folders initially seized by the prosecutor in Naples. But now that they are formally under the jurisdiction of the square Clodius: a part of the documentation has already arrived in Rome.


One thought on “Vatican Bank, Gotti Tedeschi pm to: “Here are the secrets of JP Morgan»

  1. Once the truth is exposed there will be nowhere for them to hide. Let the truth be revealed 🙂

    Posted by Ange Marxsen | June 30, 2012, 11:50 am

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