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UK: Julian Assange summoned by London police – Tim Blight

Julian Assange (Image: Carmen Valino for the Guardian)Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been served with an order to present himself to a London police station today.

The 40-year old Australian national has been staying at the embassy of Ecuador in London since last week, as the mission considers his asylum application. Assange fled there as a last ditch effort to avoid extradition to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning over alleged sex offences.

London’s The Daily Telegraph reports that members of the metropolitan police’s extradition unit delivered a note to the Ecuadorian embassy yesterday morning. According to the note, Mr Assange must present himself to Belgravia police station by 11.30am local time on Friday.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has made a statement explaining that while Mr Assange stays in the embassy, he is ”beyond the reach of the police”.

Meanwhile Julian Assange slammed the Australian government again in a radio interview late last week, in which he called his case an “effective declaration of abandonment”. During the exclusive interview withABC Radio National he accused Australian prime minister Julia Gillard of “slimy rhetoric”.

When asked about potential asylum in Ecuador, Mr Assange said he would enjoy campaigning for reporters’ rights in Ecuador. “(Ecuador’s) free speech issues are certainly no worse than the ones in the UK…” he claimed. “There’s been a lot of tussles between the US and Ecuador, which is one of the reasons why Ecuador, I presume, would be happy to grant me asylum…” he said.



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