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St.Germain on Obamacare

Dear Hearts,

Some of you may be aware that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that the “Obamacare” Law, as it is has been colloquially named, is legal under the U.S. Constitution. As I wrote a couple months back, this law is unprecedented in its mandate that forces Americans to purchase health insurance. It falls far from the Divine Plan the Ascended Masters want for America as a nation, and for those who embody here.

It should be noted that the reason it has been upheld is primarily due to the conservative Chief Justice John Roberts voting in line with the liberal members of the Supreme Court in upholding the legislation. In his ruling he stated that he upheld the individual mandate to force Americans to buy health insurance because he categorized it a lawful “taxation” of individuals, which power is given the Federal Government by the Constitution. The Chief Justice does not in any form argue that it is a good law, or a proper law; simply that it is legal. Legal or not, it is not right for the government to impose such a burden on individuals as to how they must spend their private money, and it is unprecedented in its reach.

I spoke a few weeks ago that I would write some notes to help individuals understand where the Ascended Masters stand on certain issues. Some are what I would consider obvious: They stand against abortion, the killing of the creation of the Individual Mighty I AM Presence incarnate. Others are harder for some people to understand through their ideologic beliefs, and must be understood in the overlying context that the Divine Plan contains as much Freedom as possible for individuals.

It has been stated repeatedly by the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings during Dictations that barely 10% of the laws presently on our books should remain in place. In fact, regarding the taxes of the United States and even more so in Europe, there is a sinister energy force known as the tax beast. There are Decrees specifically for the annihilation of the tax beast. With that, we now have the present administration and their political party adding a very burdensome law and “tax” to the people. Individuals should have the freedom to decide for themselves how they want to get their healthcare, and whether they want to spend their money on healthcare or not.

In this present legislation known as Obamacare, individuals are not permitted to purchase health insurance from another state, even if that other insurance company offers better pricing, or better services for the same price. That is not what the Ascended Masters want for mankind. Freedom is the Divine Plan of God, so that individuals may follow their own path, and make the choices that bring them closer to their own Ascension.

If an individual desires to put aside a little money into a savings, and maintain a pure, healthy lifestyle, do enough Violet Flame regularly to ensure that they consume as much karma that could return as illness or injury, then they should have the right to do so, and not be forced to put more money into insurance company pockets, and barely ever use half of what they pay for.

“Obamacare” is not Freedom for individuals, therefore it is not the plan the Ascended Masters want for America. And besides that, the costs involved are preventing businesses from hiring more individuals, therefore keeping more people unemployed.

For those individuals who are able to vote in the elections in the United States, if they wish to align themselves with the Divine Plan for America, they can do so by voting for those people who will repeal this legislation. For those who don’t, it’s your Free Will to choose where you cast your vote, but you are not casting it with the Ascended Masters, and that does affect what they are able to do for you personally.

It’s not a personal decision on the part of the Ascended Masters. Rather, your decision for or against Purity, or the Divine Plan for mankind that They are working to bring forth does determine by Cosmic Law what may be done.

As a brief example, this is why there are still many things wrong with lives here on Earth for many individuals and many countries. The Ascended Masters are not permitted to mitigate every natural disaster, every war, every tragedy in our personal lives, as mankind continue to use the Life Energy entrusted to us for reasons of criticism, condemnation, judgment, anger, resentment, or other such negative energies.

It should remain in the students’ minds at all times that only in so far as you give others their Freedom, shall you have Freedom yourself.



One thought on “St.Germain on Obamacare

  1. This whole article completely wreaks of conservative political viewpoints. Higher consciousness beings, that includes St. Germaine, could not possibly take a stand point for or against anything in such the way this author does. Each individual has lessons to learn and there are truly no right or wrong ways to go about it, just the choice the individual makes. This 3D world is an illusory reality utilized for such learning experiences. Although the channel may have had good intentions, I seriously doubt St. Germaine wrote this article. It’s absurd to imagine Obamacare or the need for any insurance on this planet once Earth and her people ascend. Seriously, this is all a moot point for those who are beyond the need to prove who or what is right or wrong.

    Posted by Jasmine | June 30, 2012, 12:47 am

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