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Frequency tester report : Colloidal Silver and Gold Update; Cures latest : Free Energy Machine making latest : Aquaponics Latest and update

Ashtar Command Crew members have asked for Frequency Generator machine details

so I will post some sites to go to in the next Results Review report  later in the week
Colloidal machines
Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Water Making machines made by myself and Brett  in use by people here is now standing at 75 and rising
Colloidal Gold
 It looks dead cert that I will have a colloidal GOLD machine for you maybe even for Wednesday meeting ( ?)
Elaine kindly donated 2 gold rings to the cause How about that
As we speak Brett is getting one ring purified and rolled to suit our machines and it looks that we may all be able to have our own colloidal Gold Water Maker for you to test for water for quality and reality with your dowser next meeting
Free energy devices
Ian has also promised faithfully (whilst we were on a binge haha) to complete the Bedini Wheel Free Energy machine this and next week I will try to meet him tomorrow to “get the wheel in motion” So to speak
 If he does we may give him a Colloidal gold water maker ( bait)
 he assures us all he has all but one tiny item to get the technical side going and we have built the wheel already
So he has no problem assembling it for tests for power any time soon
I have not spoken to Andy about the Fresh air free energy device yet maybe he can contact us
But Colin in Liverpool states he has achieved 21.2 volts and get more
 I cannot confirm the validity of his claim yet as it is only word of mouth
 I have not seen any pics or video of this device or know what the device it is
 he claims to have made but maybe he will respond to this posting
Andy may need to contact him by email above orangespacehopper and discuss his problems
Did Herbie ever look in to Tom Beardens  The Motionless Electro-Magnetic Generator?
We have built 3 operational Aquaponics Set ups on Island thus far producing memorable results
I have done all project management on a Free Energy run Aquaponics systems and can confirm have everything in place to go ahead making the fibre glass plugs to make the fibre glass boxes which all fit together for ease of transportation and seek funding to go ahead with it
I have sourced, in kit form, the motor and solar system that goes with the kit so all is needed is a base and plumbing that is all bought off shelf
In Addition and included in the package will be  a back up pump system should the original fail
Funding Aquaponics
I have 2 serious inquiries to get this going
The government here dutch side Peter Mazereeaw wants us to build and run a system for the Zoo
He is prepared to fund the start of one system which may pay for the Glass fibre plugs for the boxes and one set of glass fibre boxes
Elaine will be the Environmental production specialist which will help in design implementing and the facility management of running the system productively so we plan to meet soon and get that going
The second is most interesting
I am in receipt of an inquiry from A Large Hotel in Anguilla who is asking us to produce a total self sustaining Aquaponics system for their Hotel
They want to feed their guests with all the Fish & Langoustines and other vegetables, fruits, & food  spices etc that Elaine will recommend
They will need a large aquaponics system and they have alocated $300,000 for the cause
As you can imagine Elaine and I are delighted to be included in the chance to win this contract and I am hopeful of a meeting in the next month
I am delighted to report that Jerome who came to our last meeting who has Ciliac’s disease for 12 months ( wrotten tummy bowels etc)
Drank Colloidal Silver at our last meeting and reports as follows
2 hours after the meeting he had tummy rumbles
an hour later he miraculously claims that his tummy  swelling had disappeared plain and simple
The way to finally prove if this is correct is for him to continue using colloidal silver
for at least 10 more days then go to the doctors for a test we will update Jerome’s comments as and when we see him
If this is correct then Colloidal silver has about 5 people on this tiny Caribbean Island claiming positive results in Mouth Absess ear infection, nail growth now Celiacs desease many people do say their dreams are clearer
Plus it reactivated Maryleens moms liver after the hospital said she had 2 days to live
and they could do no more for her
So this is good news
Don’t forget it cleans the Pineal Gland and helps with meditation and raising our spiritual awareness
Dreaming in un-decidedly clearer is the most claimed by most or our  users
We should expect good news from the colloidal gold machines
So watch this space
Please can any one get me a copy of the Raymond Rife Film Zerotozero
That’s the update from light workers SXM
Lets all keep this energy going
Remember sending this site out is your duty in being lightworkers
waking up people is our mission
Make this viral
Hope to meet up soon
SOURCE here.


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