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William Linville Interview

The message that I share with you is that I love, honor, and celebrate you. I encourage you to fully embrace the divine love that you are, by becoming one with your creator. I urge you to fully enjoy yourself through this adventure of remembering the grandness and uniqueness, as well as the gift that you are.  Let go of all that you have perceived about yourself as the truth, and see the magnificent wonder that you are, for each and every one of you is a blessing to the world, Universe and all of creation.

Be at peace and know that all is in total alignment in support of you in every way.   What you feel, at times, when you feel discomfort, is you, gently nudging you with the encouragement of the Universe saying, “We know you can do it”, for we know how special, powerful, and beautiful you are.  Now, listen to yourself and let this present for you.  Let us birth you into the truth and freedom of being and knowing yourself.  Let’s celebrate your magnificence.

You are constantly changing as the Universe is constantly changing in total support of you.  Feel our love for you through these beautiful times of communion and remembering.

   I’m about assisting you to wake up as you.   Watch what happens as your whole world opens up, body, mind, and you.Namaste’,



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