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The illiquidity crisis is now beyond human control

Global financial crisis is caused by autonomous, self-aware and self-evolving artificial intelligence systems embedded in G5 banking computers. The illiquidity crisis is now beyond human control unless all networked corporate computer systems are switched off, scrubbed and junked.

This is more than high frequency trading algorithms and computer-only-understood derivatives. Machine intelligence has been allowed to take over and consciously control the G5 Western banking cartel.

The Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve System, and the Bank for International Settlements (Basle, Switzerland) are symbiotically interlinked in a parasitic network of machine-money blood-sucking.

The financial result is fundamentally injurious to human well-being. The bankers have supplanted the politicians. The Western democratic deficit is complete.

Unpayable debt is being machine-piled upon unpayable debt. Funny number inaccessible screen accounts are accumulating exponentially. The numbers involved – quads and quints, and quads times quints – bear no relation to any real-world underlying assets. Invisible Ponzi scams are endemic.

MJ12 (Majestic 12) might just be right on this issue. The problem may have started with an undetected executive overlap between a negative on-planet alien intelligence and early Microsoft back door source codes.

But should we be wary of the MJ12 output? Most of it is said to be deep disinformation aimed at obfuscating covert operations at security clearance levels well above that of the US President and other Heads of State.

Stanton Friedman found that of the Majestic 12 documents he analysed, only four were genuine. Over one hundred others were phony. His comments are recorded on pages 57-60 and 73-74 of the April/May 2012 edition of Nexus magazine.



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