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Bankruptcy Scam

Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,
Bankruptcy Scam.
Because we are all regarded as Slaves, to them (the Banksters and their stooges, the Judges) we have No Right of Consent (eg: NSW Supreme Court Judge Adams to John Bauskis: “Your consent is immaterial!”) and No Right to Property (eg: the Title Certificate on your land says you are a “Tenant”) and No Right to Trial by Jury (eg: “You have no right to a jury trial!”, according to every so-called Judge and Magistrate throughout Australia).
The Bankruptcy Scam is worked by the Banksters through their stooges this way:
1.  Firstly, we are all regarded as “bankrupt” from the moment we are born.
2.  Second, if we fail or refuse to pay anything to anyone (especially one of the Banksters syndicate, eg: lawyers and corporations masquerading as Local Government, which was abolished by Referendum in 1988) they get an illegal Judgment from a corporation masquerading as a Local Court.
3.  Then they type up a “Notice of Bankruptcy” with this fraudulent Judgment (ie: no Jury means no jurisdiction) attached to it, to the corporation called “I.T.S.A.” (Insolvency Trustee Services Australia) and the Official Receiver stamps the “Notice of Bankruptcy” with a date and, if you don’t pay the demanded amount in the “Judgment” within 21 days, then I.T.S.A. will deem there to be “an act of bankruptcy” on a specific date. I.T.S.A. is not a court of any description – just another “Statutory Entity”, but they still make decisions affecting unsuspecting People.
4.  Then they take this “Notice of Bankruptcy” to a corporation calling itself the “Federal Magistrates Court of Australia” where you’re not allowed Trial by Jury (see: the 3 stipulations above of being a Slave).
5.  Then the so-called Federal Magistrate (all Judges and Magistrates in Australia are frauds because the Governor-General and the State Governors are all frauds, because there are no Orders for those Appointments from the Privy Council) …… this “Federal Magistrate” issues a “Order” that “The estate of (you) be sequestrated” which is supposed to mean a “temporary dispossession until the debt is satisfied”. But, because they don’t consider that you own your property, ie: Slaves have No Right to Property and you are only the “tenant” on land owned by “the Crown” (and the debate goes on as to whether “the Crown” is the Queen of England or the Banksters’ domain in the City of London where the Queen cannot enter without asking permission)….. because they don’t consider you own your property, more of the Banksters’ stooges called “Trustees” sell your property to whomever they choose and they all make money for themselves out of it.
Therefore, we are all regarded as slaves and bankrupts, and our property (including these mortal structures our spirits occupy in our time in this world… a world in which the Devil works his numerous scams) is not our property, at all.
Ignorance is not bliss:
“People are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) and, as long as we remain ignorant of all that is Common Law, then we’ll continue to suffer Hell on Earth.    
Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.
Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.

PS:        SUPPORT & FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Firstly, there’s no better way to pitch in than to join the Party. There are no Membership Fees.  See:http://www.rightsandwrong.com.au/html/aclp.html  Secondly, spread the word that the AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY is now upon the scene. The word is: solutions to all our problems lie within ourselves.  Thirdly, send donations to the BENDIGO BANK, 198 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150, Australia, where our account is:  Account name:  AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY. BSB: 633-000 and Account number:143521896.For overseas deposits SWIFT No./Code:  BENDAU 3B.


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