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Prudent Caution and Encouragement to Study NESARA

*** Taken from the GFP yet funny enough, I have been getting the same messages telepathically to study NESARA for the past 3 days. The links here are also available under “Skeptics of NESARA, 2,3 and 4” in this website. Anyway, should be a good read for the weekends eh!

I’ve advised this so many times and nothing has happened that I feel a little abashed doing it again. But we do know that the old economy is going to fall at some point and we also know that NESARA (the new economy described in the American National Economic Security and Reformation Act) or the abundance program will follow it in an efficient manner shortly thereafter.

We have only the gap to see to and that could be a few days or possibly a week or two.

There is no need for alarm. There is a need to calm others down. And there is a need to have reasonably accurate information to dispense about NESARA. I say “reasonably” because no one knows the exact details about NESARA.  I’ll attach a reading list on NESARA at the foot of this article.

In terms of food, canned foods, powdered milk, rice, beans, and bottled water seem advisable. Diapers, medicines, and cleaning items as well.  I’ll leave the comments field open in case anyone wants to do a better job of reporting on what might be needed.

This is a good time to read up on NESARA.  People will want to know this information.

Reading List

From First Contact database:

“NESARA” at http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/fc/nesara1.html

From the 2012 Scenario site




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