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120+ Dolphins washing up on shore, Dead in Texas, U.S. NOAA declares it “Unusual Mortality Event.” Trail of deception and Lies from BP and U.S. Government included.

This is one of those, “You don’t think we are that stupid, do you?” articles.   The U.S. NOAA must think people are that stupid to make up the most lame excuse (reminds me of the ‘swamp gas’ excuses) regarding 120+ dead dolphins so far, washing up on the shores of Texas.  U.S. NOAA are saying they are not related to anything but are simply “Unusual Mortality Event.”

I remember last year when hundreds of dolphins washed up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico states.  Those stories went away fast.

Let’s not forget that BP bought the oil experts of the universities and labs that could/would have possibly given us truth about the Gulf and all the Corexit they were and still are dumping in the Gulf.

Here is a video of a dead shark on the beach from May 2012

Now there are dead dolphins that are washing up in Texas.

article from link –

HOUSTON — The deaths of more than 120 dolphins off the Texas coast has prompted a federal agency to declare the event “unusual” and launch an investigation into whether they were related to a drought-related algae bloom or a more widespread mortality event that has plagued the northern Gulf of Mexico for two years.
The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has called the stranding of 123 dolphins on Texas shores from November through March an “unusual mortality event,” an official federal listing that allows the agency to access additional funds and set up a team of researchers.
All but four of the dolphins that washed up in Texas were dead, and the few that turned up alive died a short time later, said Blair Mase, the southeast marine mammal stranding network coordinator for NOAA Fisheries. What alarmed scientists though, was the age of the bottle-nosed dolphins that washed up – juveniles rather than the very young or elderly that normally would be found – and the fact that Texas had a years-worth of dead dolphins turn up in a five-month period.
The cause, however, may not be known for months, if at all, Mase said.
“That’s what’s a little frustrating about this. It’s not like you see on TV, on CSI, you don’t get the answers quickly,” she said. “It can take months and sometimes years.”
Further complicating matters are an array of things occurring in the Gulf simultaneously, all of which could cause dolphin mortality, Mase said.
To begin with, the Texas coast was plagued during the fall and early winter by a toxic algae bloom called “red tide” that is caused by drought. This past year, the red tide was more severe and lasted longer than usual because of the historic drought that parched Texas and made the estuaries that flow into the Gulf salty and conducive to the algae bloom. Scientists previously have connected “red tide” to dolphin mortality, Mase said, and the strandings in Texas stopped shortly after the bloom ended.
But some of the dolphins washed up underweight, said Heidi Whitehead, state coordinator for the Galveston-based Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, a nonprofit organization that is the only authorized stranding network in Texas. Mase said that has not been the pattern for past red tide-related deaths.
Some of the dolphins also were found with discolored teeth and lung infections, prompting researchers to investigate whether they were affected by the same disease found in more than 700 strandings in the northern Gulf, an area stretching from the Texas-Louisiana line east to the Florida Panhandle. Researchers suspect the lung disease may be connected to the millions of gallons of oil that fouled the Gulf in April 2010 after a well blowout on a BP-operated rig, but have yet to make a final determination, Mase said.
Four of the dolphins found in Texas had a grayish, muddy substance in their stomach. It didn’t look or smell like oil, but tests are being run to rule out whether it could be hydrocarbons. A similar substance was found in some dolphins elsewhere in the Gulf.
“Just like any investigation you don’t want to rule anything out,” Mase said. “We do know that there is disease out there … we know that there have been stresses, some due to the BP oil spill, and that could be a reason … and there is this harmful algae bloom. It could be that it’s all of these.”
Researchers have conducted more than 30 necropsies so far on the dead dolphins and collected tissue samples, but Whitehead noted one of the difficulties with these investigations is that many of the mammals wash up in late stages of decomposition, leaving little for the researchers to use in their probe.
To date, NOAA has declared five “unusual mortality events” in Texas, all involving bottle-nosed dolphins, and has only determined a cause – morbillivirus infection – for an event in 1994. There have been 19 marine mammal events in the entire Gulf of Mexico and 56 in all US waters since 1991.
 So the Federal agency is still making every excuse for the dolphins dying and obviously will never tell the truth about it.

You are going to Love this excuse from a Houston News agency quoting a States Operation manager from Galveston Texas.

Colder water from the winter months contributed to the deaths of more than 25 dolphins that washed ashore on the Texas coast over the last two weeks, a rescue group said. 

Some of the animals were very young with umbilical cords still attached and apparently were either stillborn or separated from other dolphins just after birth, officials said.

At least 17 of the bottlenose dolphins washed ashore along the Galveston County coastline last week, said Heidi Watts, state operations coordinator for the Galveston-based Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network. 

Watts said such strandings are fairly common from January through March, although they tend to peak in February.

Bottlenose dolphins inhabit warm seas throughout the world and generally live 30 to 40 years. The dolphins that washed up on shore probably took ill in reaction to colder water from the winter months, Watts said.

HHMMM………;  question about that!  Didn’t we have a warmer than normal winter in 2011-2012?  Hasn’t that been splashed all over the news and using it as a “Global Warming” claim?  How then did the waters get colder than normal, if the winter was warmer than normal and thus cause all the dolphin deaths?  Can’t they get their stories straight?

Oh, they are of course more worried about money and tourism than they are people’s lives and health safety.

Considering it has been 2 years since the BP oil Leak (not spill) and they have been dumping Corexit in it since, there is no doubt it has been taken around the world now in the currents of the ocean.

Remember in Peru there were 600+ dolphins that died at one time and washed upon the beaches of Peru.   Here is a video of researchers driving the beach and many of the dead dolphins. *Warning* -It is a very saddening video.

BP was never made to reveal what is in the Corexit they constantly dump into the Gulf of Mexico. The EPA allowed them to continue it, even though in the beginning they had reserves about what was contained in the ingredients of Corexit. Lets not forget who owns the Corexit company (Goldman Sachs).

I am not sure when this next video was made, but it was uploaded last month.  It shows a plane spraying Corexit in the water.  The video is more about pointing out an anomaly (reflection?) underwater.  I am using it for the purpose of the spraying of Corexit.

All the above brings me to the question….. Is the mysterious Flesh eating bacteria that has been showing up on the East coast related to the Corexit that has been dumped into the Gulf by BP and Goldman Sachs? The people that have been afflicted the disease…. had they been in the Gulf of Mexico at some point in the last 2 years? Do they eat seafood/shrimp that is from the Gulf?

In April I wrote about how the Gulf of Mexico shrimp are now deformed and they are without eyes. I also wrote how the U.S. Government is refusing to test the seafood.

Al Jazeera is the only news agency that has had anything about it, this year.  Here is their “Inside Story” about what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico.    In it NOAA claims the Gulf is as safe now as it was before the BP leak.

Since then, I have seen my local news agency promote the shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. Why anyone would still eat any seafood from there, is beyond me. Also why anyone would eat seafood at all anymore, is beyond me. My favorite food was Seafood, but I stopped eating seafood from the Gulf after the BP oil leak and now I have had to stop eating it from the Pacific due to Fukushima. Besides that the U.S. government hid the fact that they found radiated Tuna in June of last year off the West Coast. They have just admitted it last month. So how sick are people going to be from all the poison the government has allowed people to ingest? They know that the seafood is poison.

Oh, what has just been released is the fact BP wants to only pay 15 Billion for the Gulf Kill, compared to the 123 Billion suits and claims against them.  They are of course working with the U.S. government to get to that 15 Billion figure.  Does anyone have any doubt that they will get what they want and BP will never pay the people along the gulf for their lost living   OH, but BP has a video they made saying they had set aside 20 Billion for the gulf.  Which considering they want to only pay 15 Billion in total now, is a complete lie!  Let’s watch BP out right LIE themselves:

EVERY ONE OF THESE CLAIMS IN THIS BP VIDEO IS A COMPLETE LIE -This was released in December of 2011.

I would also like all the officials in the U.S. who have been part of the cover up (Obama, Clinton, EPA, NOAA, Congress, Senate, bankers, and BP executives, etc) have a complete seafood dinner together. They should be made to eat Blue Fin Tuna from the Pacific and Shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico during one dinner. It would include, at least one pound of Shrimp and one large Tuna steak, each. Oh, lets include Wild caught Salmon off the coast of Alaska and throw in a King Crab leg off Alaska too.

Added link – Infowars has an article up now that says “The U.S. government is claiming Humans are a National Security Threat to the Oceans and the Planet.” 

Funny – the U.S. government is not saying BP and TEPCO AND other Big Corporations including Goldman Sachs are NOT the threat against the Ocean and Earth!  Of course they blame the “people” for the deaths of the environment and oceans.

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