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NESARA Reminder – Thanks Rocky


UPDATE TO NESARA:  On May 30, 2010, the woman responsible for keeping NESARA within the public memory died.  Since she and the bill have been very controversial, her death is likely to stir re-newed interest in NESARA.

NESARA is a concept whose time is NOW, whether or not this concept was ever signed into law by the US Congress and sitting President—a fact we have a hard time verifying within our climate of disinformation.  It’s time is NOW because we are nearing the end of a World Age and the life patterns we have know.  2012 marks the end of the old ways and the beginning of the new—or as NESARA was conceived to accomplish–“the return to the Constitution OF our nation.”  I stress “OF” our nation because what NESARA attempts to do is return our nation to the Constitution created by our Founding Fathers and away from the constitution FOR the USA, Inc., under which we have lived for the entirety of my life and most of yours.

It doesn’t matter whether an actual law named NESARA existed.  What matters greatly is that each of the tenets included in NESARA have been researched by many and can stand alone as an example of how the Constitution OF our nation has been shoved aside and the Constitution FOR the USA, Inc. has taken its place.

I encourage you to read the articles listed under each tenet in an effort to determine for yourself just what has been taken from our nation and its people.  Then decide whether or not you want NESARA to be real in your life and nation.


The panorama of NESARA extends back in time for over one hundred years and involves thousands of home and farm foreclosures. These foreclosures were a result of fraudulent bank practices instituted as early as 1892. See the 1892 and 1934 Banker’s Manifesto.


Pathway To Ascension encourages its readers to carry out your own research. Seek the original documents to prove, to your satisfaction, that the research I have presented is fact.

Truth is discovered as we maintain an open mind and do our own homework as responsible citizens. Numerous persons, not necessarily trained in law, are presently engaged in legal research. A treasure chest, filled with their findings, is available on the internet. However, every American has a constitutional duty to educate self, concerning every facet of our societal system. We, the people, must know the problems before we can discover the solution; for, within the problem the solution is hidden. Once we know the difficulty, it is our responsibility—as the governing body of our nation—to establish the solution in accordance with the highest good for all Americans.


Thanks to a very dedicated woman, code-named Dove, NESARA did not pass into oblivion, much to the chagrin of those who imposed the very strict gag-order upon it. For years, Dove circulated a daily update on NESARA. As a result, NESARA has grown from a national law—enacted to correct the grievous wrongs perpetrated on the American people by the banking industry, government, mega corporations, and the media—to a set of principles desired throughout the planet. NESARA is now a universal structure within which improvements in every nation will take place.

A strong contributing factor to worldwide knowledge of NESARA is the more than 40 demonstrations carried out by NTAT (NESARA Take Action Team) members residing in Europe. These demonstrations took place in front of the Peace Palace in the Hague, Netherlands (also called the World Court).

Photo Gallery

Miep handing out flyers to tourists.

Monique with a group tourists from China


From the left in the back: Barry, Hugo, Mari-Elise. From the left in front:
Miep, Monique, Henk, Nel and Lenie. All wearing the “Pray for NESARA’s Announcement Now” teeshirts.

People from all over the world handcrafted banners calling for NESARA and sent them to the demonstrators to be displayed along the street in front of the Peace Palace.

We had more banners than people present!

From the left: Horst, Detlev, Mira, Alex and Eckhard (all from Germany).

…the world wants peace…

The road to the Peace Palace

Nel telling people about NESARA

Group picture of people being present today.

South Africa, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Washington,
the Balkan countries and the Netherlands for NESARA NOW!

Washington, the Balkan and Deutschland for NESARA NOW!

“Children of the World for NESARA”.

Today there was almost no wind. So we could held this banner with 3 persons.


The demonstrators handed out flyers on NESARA to the tourists and others passing by. They translated the flyers into several different languages and built a stand to hold them.

Horst and Monique doing their part in holding the table and a banner.


Tour buses carrying tourists from around the planet regularly stop in front of the Peace Palace. The demonstrators handed out NESARA flyers to the tourists as they exited the bus.

A bus with…..(not Chinese(!) but) German tourists!!

A bus with Asian people arrived…

Chinese tourists putting their names on the Dutch flag image.


The bus driver of the dark coloured bus is reading the Dutch NESARA flyer!!


NESARA’s dedicated demonstrators were not deterred by the weather, whether it was rain, snow, winds, cold, or those blessed days of warm sunshine. During several of the demonstrations, a rainbow appeared over the Peace Palace. Once weekly, for 40+ weeks, they demonstrated four hours—10 AM to 2PM. In addition to handing out flyers in the various languages, they talked to tourists, explaining NESARA and answering their questions about it.

The beginning of a ‘white’ new year

It was cold and windy

The wind was very strong today….a lot of sticks were broken soon after we started the demo.

The United Nations World Court—or Peace Palace—in the Hague, Netherlands

May Peace Prevail On Earth

The World Peace Pathway.

This is the plaque which is put at the beginning of the World Peace Pathway.



The articles below were written during the years of spreading the word about NESARA and distributed over the internet.



NESARA Rights the Unthinkable Wrongs Perpetrated on Americans!


 SOURCE here.



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