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Warnings About Drake from Teri Hinkle

*** This is for all readers’ discernment.

Today it has been spread far and wide that we are to vote on a poll as to whether or not we would agree to some sort of “treaty” with the elite who as we all know are very nearly defeated. It seems their idea of a fair deal is either promise not to hold them accountable or they launch an all out war and reduce both sides to one third. Really?

Do you seriously think you can make a deal with the devil? And what kind of mentality thinks they would keep any promise? Never mind that would be the first time in history that a totally corrupt and unsalvageable bloodline ever exhibited an ounce of honor or understanding of it’s definition. As far as I am concerned extinction is the only way to stop that very same bloodline from continuing the death and destruction they have wrought on humanity for thousands of years but hey that’s just me. I don’t usually have to be hit on the head more than once or twice before I get it.

Please use some common sense before you even consider casting a vote for any such outlandish and idiotic plan. This wreaks of the same militaristic mind set that caused the great disaster the world is in already. If you are on a ship that is sinking do you plug the holes with the same materials you built it with?

Now if that isn’t enough common sense, stop and ask yourself what gives a few thousand people listening to an Internet radio show, the right to make any decision or even vote on a decision for the rest of the more than seven billion people on this planet? Add to that there are no details of this so called agreement, nor are there any identities revealed of just who is making a treaty to include and impact the whole globe. Gee, “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” comes to mind.

There is another good question; wouldn’t it give them the answer they would love to have as to how many of you would choose to get down on your knees and accept their idea of a deal rather than finish the fight once and for all so they can re-group and start again?

Are you so desperate you would sell your country, your children and grandchildren for NESARA money? Do you get on your knees and worship the very thing they used to enslave you in the first place, money? If so you will deserve the consequences of your part of the deal.

I do not support, was not a part of and was not told about this. I have fielded calls and emails all day long asking me if I was either in favor or not. This is just plain nuts folks and if this is an example of how weak and dependent this nation has become, how dumbed down and indoctrinated the people are, it’s time to bug out. That’s my answer.

For those of you who may not have heard about it and are wondering what I am talking about read for yourself and then please use the minds God gave you.





2 thoughts on “Warnings About Drake from Teri Hinkle

  1. So all the haters and disinfo artists coming out of the woodwork. Let’s ignore the message and focus on the messenger. Classic Saul Alinsky tactics. I could care less about her “opinion”.

    Posted by Skeptic2012 | June 9, 2012, 6:08 am

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