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What the Pharmaceutical Industry Does NOT Want You to Know About Healing

By Trent Ryan Activist Post

Western medicine has made numerous advances in healthcare – especially in areas such as diagnosis, trauma care and surgery. At the same time, there are many other areas where it is limited to simply treating illness with drugs. These medications can be very effective . . . though sometimes they cause more problems than they resolve. In fact, prescription drugs claim over 750,000 lives every year. (1) This does not even include all the negative but non-lethal side-effects.

Drug commercials list potential side-effects by the dozen in an effort to stem legal responsibility. Yet these same advertisements brainwash many people into believing that drugs are the absolute best approach to treating illness. The pharmaceutical industry, which reaps over $600 billion in annual revenues worldwide, propagates this belief with a vast marketing machine. (2) As a result, the general public is woefully unaware of the bigger picture….

Science is now beginning to recognize that living things are not just structures made of molecules; they are composed of a vibrating energy field that exchanges information within and around the body. This field regulates all biological functions and is what defines “life.” When the living energy field is harmonized, the entity is healthy. If some aspect is unbalanced, then illness occurs.

Energy healing addresses health on the level of quantum physics where energy changes states from waves to particles, and the reverse. Virtually every ancient culture acknowledged the energy body as the source of health. This led to the development of healing treatments such as acupuncture and Ayurveda, which tap into the power of the energy field which they call “chi” or “prana.”
As our society’s consciousness is gradually awakening, more and more people in the west are turning to various types of energy therapy – often termed “alternative, holistic or complementary.” But navigating the landscape of energetic healing can be a long and difficult process for many. Not all methods of energy healing, and not all healers, are created equal. There are plenty of charlatans ready to take money from the unsuspecting. Fortunately, there are a few excellent healers out there… and arguably the very best of them perform energy therapy as an altruistic effort.

In Europe, one man developed a method of energy healing that obtains results with illnesses considered “incurable” by other standards. His name is Zdenko Domancic (Doe-MAAN-cheech). His clinic in Slovenia has seen over one million patients over the past thirty five years. People sign-up on a six-month waiting list and travel from across the globe to be treated there. Using only energy from the therapist’s hands, the Domancic Method often achieves results with treatments of just fifteen minutes per day over four consecutive days.

The dramatic success of the Domancic Method has been studied and recorded many times, including a 1985 case study conducted by the leading medical establishment of then Yugoslavia. It evaluated three hundred patients with advanced stages of gangrene who were treated with this method, and documented in the book “Healer Domancic” by D. Jakcin. Every single patient was cured of gangrene with energy healing, and no extremities were amputated. Other illnesses respond just as well. Tumors and cysts go away without surgery… leukemia shows objective results supported by blood analysis… the list goes on and on.

The below documentary “Think About It” looks at the Domancic Method from scientific, medical and patient perspectives (50 Mins)

Article Sources:

(1) Drs. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio and Dorothy Smith. (2003). “Death by Medicine” Download this free Ebook here

(2) Matthew Herper and Peter Kang (22-03-2006). “The World’s Ten Best-Selling Drugs”. Forbes.

About the Author

Trent Ryan, a West Texas native, trained in Slovenia with Mr. Domancic and provides the US with access to this healing method. Like his mentor, Mr. Ryan does not believe in placing a price on healing. He provides treatment to anyone without charge. Excellent results allow all the work to be entirely donation based. More information can be found on his website at:www.LifeChangingHealing.com





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