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Ft. Worth, Texas U.S.A. Military Base Humbled

Communication dated 25th May 2012

Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm_2qxMDBw4&feature=related

http://www.Eclipse-Rojo.tk – Este video ha circulado por internet en el que algunas versiones, se dice, fue un ataque extraterrestre a la División de Sistemas de Aviación de la NASA, que se ubica en una remota sección del gigantesco Aeropuerto Internacional de Dallas-Forth Worth y que es responsable de la tecnología que se requiere para controlar el espacio aéreo sobre Estados Unidos. Hasta el momento no se ha confirmado esta información.


Helen: I connect with the Galactic Intercommunicator above my home for the purpose of communicating with Galactic authorities regarding the flashing lights above the huge American military establishment at Ft. Worth, Texas a few weeks ago. I have watched a video indicating that the occurrence lasted for almost an hour.

Is Fred or Ko Ko or another representative who directs the cleansing activities of Earth Crew is available to provide details, if we are entitled to them?

Helen: [A gentle but firm being comes forth.]

Fred:  I am Fred on Pleiades. Yes, you have observed the disintegration of a site belonging to one of the greatest military powers on Earth at this time. Our forces detonated missiles and made all equipment inoperable without injuring a single human being. This was accomplished by powerful rays of energy directed from our craft.

There will probably be no notification of this incident to the general public.

Helen: Thank you.  We will post this on the website www.EarthCrew.comso that light workers may feel assured that peace is within our grasp.

Fred: You have our permission.


—– Original Message —–

From: Juox Aeon

It looks like somebody record the moment when the UFO´s where cleaning the Forth Worth Military Base in Texas USA, in May 2011 as we knew that personnel from GFL were cleaning military bases taken in custody personnel working close together to the Dark Cabal, as you can see in the video the flashes are too huge and just in the area of the base. Officially is told that the flashes came from Electrical systems damaged by an electrical storm, but as you can see there´s no such thing in the video.

Comments from Argentina said that the show long for at least 1 hour.

I have not find information related this theory or fact,  so I need to know if it´s a strange electrical malfunction inside the base (My mind refuses to believe it) or if we are seeing the moment where the GFL cleaned this military base with their technologies. If it´s correct and this a cleaning, this information should be spread it because it´s quite graphical.

Light Regards

I am Juox



Alguien tiene más información de este luminoso video donde al parecer se dijo que cayeron mas de 120 rayos en Forth Worth Texas y que en el área de la base hubo problemas con los transformadores eléctricos? En el video se ven OVNIS, y pienso que no es lo que contaron si no que se relaciona con las limpiezas de las bases mencionadas en las canalizaciones del año pasado. Alguien me puede aportar material de las versiones de esto?, yo no había visto nada de esto y me parece muy digno de postearse si es que es lo que pienso que es.

Bendiciones en ustedes

I am Juox



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