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The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

What is happening at the moment with the emphasis on protest against individual governments is another form of divide and rule because unless we know how the game is played – globally – how on earth are we going to effectively respond to it?

Those that protest at NATO and G8 summits have a better idea of the global scope and even more so those who turn up to meetings of the Bilderberg Group, a strand in the network that has worked for decades to impose world government and all the other ‘trimmings’ of global control. NATO and the G8 are the outer limit that most of the political ‘Left’ will go in acknowledging the global coordination of world events. I saw that anti-war activist David Swanson asked in an article this week why the G8 and NATO summits attract thousands of demonstrators while Bilderberg is largely ignored by those of the ‘Left’:

‘Do you have to be xenophobic, paranoid, isolationist, or libertarian to protest a secretive gathering of over 100 billionaires, industrialists, media barons, and politicians working to shape our public sphere, or has the left dropped the ball? Is it time for Occupy to step in?’

It has long been my view that the ‘Left’ never picked up the ball in the first place in terms of an understanding of world affairs. It has always positioned itself by manipulated design as a polarity to the ‘Right’. The Control System needs polarised positions and groups to trigger the essential ‘class struggle’, more accurately known as divide and rule.

The Left has been extremely reluctant to even research, never mind encompass, the global conspiracy because to do so would demolish its very collective self-identity and world-view of ‘us’ against ‘them’. It would mean to acknowledge that the same force manipulates though ‘us’ and ‘them’ and thus to accept that they have been ‘had’. Few appear willing to go through that mental purge, and thus emotional catharsis, and open their minds to the truth that they have so long denied and often ridiculed.

So far – but not even nearly far enough.



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