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Inner Earth Entrance

Thanks to Dirck Hhagers for this information ……………….


Just  received  this  from  a  friend.  their  words,  not  mine.  Click  on  link  below  to  see  this  video *
Love  &  Light, Krystael

Most spiritually oriented people are aware of the truth of the 5D Inner Earth whose entrances are at each of the poles.

However, no one has ever made a video of either of these entrances and made it public.

I just received this from a dear friend in Moscow.  Here’s what she has to say about this amazing video:

This is the first movie ever to be seen of the polar entrance and the powerful Aurora Borealis like energy field that is occurring at that entrance.  This is looking into the 5th Dimension from the MIR Russian Space Station.  A truly celestial vision, more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, simply breathtaking.  (Both POLES are “No Fly Zones”.  This extraordinary video has been made accessible by a courageous Russian Whistle Blower. 

Enjoy!  Luda




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