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Comments on Clif High etc. – from SaS and Christy

*** This post was copied directly from J’s website.

SaS Comment and directive to me:


Would it be possible to get our sister’s comments (Christy’s)–and in particular her reference to the phenomenon of our mutating DNA–out to the family? It is a significant vision of some clarity in and of itself! If you read her comment, it isn’t that Clif High is spewing blather. More significantly, she provides empirical evidence that he has been violating the Law of Confusion which is an indication that these influences go beyond those that any 3rd Density cabalistic endeavor could produce as “disinformation.”

Her posting is important for everyone to read and understand from this perspective, I think. We all have to understand what “confusion” does to our thoughts. It has a tendency to disperse them and diminish their potency. If we are to operate as a collective of steadily increasing influence on our world–building a completely new paradigm as we have often discussed–then it is important to understand how the service-to-selfers move to compromise that collective strength.
Christy’s Comment:

Not to mention Cliff Highs actual raw data (sans his grey paint on everything) says that the Cabal was defeated this past MARCH. He will deny his own data, his own work to keep the doom and gloom going. Ever since I started reading his raw data I could see how he was in so much denial that he was galling the good bad even. He denies ascension and yet his report spoke of an “entrained” (probably his word) group of people moving in unison that will experience an orgasmic near death type of experience and runs over incoming terms like “light-language” and “humanos plantos” and “people drooling in the streets”… sounds like utter AWE to me. Sounds like people beginning to realize they can absorb light like plants…. and where is his info on the incoming superwave??? Even NASA released this, although they called is a gamma & x-ra “bubble” to make it more benign & THEN they has Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette announce this “bubble” on THE TODAY SHOW… and if you were paying attention by the time he/they released that Paul has already done a 3 hour interview with Project Camelot where he outed the very high possibility of an incoming superwave (later confirmed on the Today show bu Paul himself) and it is VERY expounded upon there. Not to mention that the main stream medical field has already admitted to the new 3 stranded DNA, although with a spin, but there IS a doctor who has admitted the TRUTH about it and it’s spiritual implications.

This can be read in the earlier post on DNAs. (if interested).


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