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Election 2012 Prediction: Bilderberg Gets In

By J.G. Vibes
May 15, 2012

First off, I want to be clear that I have long since given up all hope and confidence in the very concept of electoral politics or representative government.

Throughout my short life I have seen presidents and politicians come and go, yet nothing has changed about my relationship with the state, or the very many transgressions that it commits against humanity on a daily basis.

This trend is not limited to my lifetime, but can be observed all throughout history.

However, it is important to expose the corruption that is a constant in this election process, because this process is believed by so many to be the absolute characteristic of freedom.  Call me cynical but I don’t think that the votes even get counted these days, and even if they did get counted, we would still just be choosing which aristocrat was going to rule over us.

If you are still interested and plan on voting that’s perfectly fine.  If you have found a liberty oriented candidate that you want to support than more power to ya, I will not tell you how to live or criticize your actions, but that’s just not where im at.

My research and observations of reality have brought me to the point where i completely oppose the violent mechanisms that are inherent in the state itself, specifically the widespread ability to violate natural law, the non aggression principle and basic human rights.

Sadly I believe that these corrupt aspects of this institution cannot be changed by a politician, but will remain intact until people decide to set a standard of nonviolence in the realm of social organization.

The president really has very little power in comparison to the bankers, royalty and the military industrial complex, and there are many things that are even at levels of confidentiality above that of a president.

Financial influence from these institutions has been one of the political issues that has been getting a lot of attention recently, at least in the alternative media, and rightfully so.

There is without a doubt very powerful interests that influence politics for their own ends, to the point where the politicians are really nothing more than actors that have been hired to do an advertisement.

They say whatever they get paid to say, and they get paid to say anything that might sell a particular agenda to the public.

Again, as I have been suggesting in many different articles this month, it is no mystery who these “powerful interests” are.

It isn’t covered in the mainstream media, but there is an extensive paper trail connecting politicians to authoritarian think tanks such and the Bilderberg group or the Council on Foreign Relations, and in many cases these connections are even openly admitted.

Bilderberg attendance has also been a sure sign of political success in the past, with many attendees winning elections within the same year.

It is rather interesting that Chantilly, Virginia was chosen again this year, because it is rare for them to revisit venues, and the last time that they were in Chantilly was in 2008, the last time elections came around.

Many activists have suggested that this is no coincidence and that the close proximity to DC would make it easier for presidential candidates to sneak in and out, to be sized up by the aristocracy without accidentally stirring up any media attention.

This did happen a few years back, with the press following Obama and Hilary Clinton on a second by second basis, they accidentally stumbled across an elaborate decoy plot which was intended to cover the politicians tracks while they made their visit to Bilderberg.  Once this plot was uncovered it wasn’t picked up by mainstream sources and disappeared from the news immediately.

It definitely makes perfect sense that Bilderbergs close proximity to DC this year has a lot to do with the impending presidential election.

With the conference gathering more attention over the years it has become more difficult for politicians to lie about where they are going, or what type of business they will be on when they are leaving town, making Chantilly a perfect location for an election year because no one will need to get on an airplane or even leave the area.

Even if the candidates aren’t directly selected like show dogs at this conference, which they very well may be, they are still bought and sold by the corporations, clubs and families will be in attendance.

This can be seen in the form of campaign contributions, lobby groups, directives and plans that are drawn up at influential think tanks and policy institutes, as well as many other out in the open political relationships.

This is why I have been pushing so hard for the involvement of occupy wall street in this years Bilderberg conference.

OWS is a diverse group that no one person can speak for, however from what I have been able to gather, elite financial influence in politics seems to be one of the key issues that most of activists and protestors are agreeing on, making it one of the primary messages that have been associated with the movement.

This is definitely a message that I can understand and get behind, but as I mentioned in my last article we’re really going to need to be specific and name names if we’re going to make real progress.

peaceful and media based occupation of Bilderberg could undoubtedly unite the resistance against tyranny and turn the attention away from the election year politics and shine light on the true puppet masters that are responsible for the violence and subjugation that we see play out before us on a day to day basis.

In future articles i will be going deeper into this group, its members, its goals and i will also covering the latest updates as well.

Until next time, you can add yourself to the exposing bilderberg 2012 and occupy Bilderberg facebook page, or feel free to email me at jgvibes@aotmr.com with any tips, suggestions or disagreements.  Also remember to get your camera ready and join myself,theintelhub.com and others at the end of this month in Virginia.

J.G. Vibes is an author, and artist — with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his company Good Vibes Promotions hosts politically charged electronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his new book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, at his website www.aotmr.com.

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