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CANADA – EXTRACT from ZETA TALK Chat 12th May 2012

Q: It sounds like the ground opened up under the store in Downtown Saskatoon. Would the Zetas be able to comment on the following incident in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? [and from another] http://saskatoon.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120507/sask-sas-bayfire-120507/20120508/?hub=Saskatoon 

CTV Saskatoon [May 8] A collapsed storm sewer that flooded an underground transformer vault is being blamed for explosions and power outages in downtown Saskatoon. Hundreds of people were evacuated from residences at the Second Avenue Lofts and an adjacent office building shortly after 2:30 p.m. when a series of explosions under the sidewalk in the 200 block of Second Avenue North spewed black smoke into the air.  Investigators have traced the source of the incident to a collapsed storm sewer pipe underneath a catch basin that resulted in the transformer vault being flooded with water. Saskatoon Light and Power says the pump within the vault was working, but it couldn’t discharge the water as the catch basin was not functioning properly. A resulting power failure in the downtown area saw business close their doors and thousands of people were asked to evacuate downtown buildings, including Midtown Plaza. City crews were able to restore power to all affected areas before midnight.


A: Buildings have been collapsing, water mains breaking, gas mains exploding, and sinkholes appearing in cities for some time since our 2002 prediction on imploding buildings. What has occurred to date is a single building collapsing when its foundation weakens, or a single street affected by snapping gas and water mains, but not the larger picture we painted. Saskatoon is along a river bottom, and thus in the relatively thin part of the Earth’s crust that river bottoms represent. They are low land, providing an avenue for river drainage because the land has drooped there. Saskatoon is also along the string of lakes that range across northern Canada, representing where Canada has pulled apart in the past during prior Pole Shifts. Saskatoon is thus very much in the stretch zone.

What can cities like Saskatoon expect as their stretch increases? Here in this instance we had broken drains moving water from the street to the river affecting the electrical system, but this is just a hint of what is coming. Broken water mains cannot support fire fighters when the gas mains leak and are touched off into explosions by electrical sparks from shattered electrical systems. In designing his cities, man has created the prefect storm for an implosion. Such imploding cities will be found in every stretch zone, down along the East Coast of the US bent into the bow afflicting the N American continent, down along southern Brazil and neighboring countries where the S American continent is likewise bent into a bow, across the swath of Eurasia from the Ukraine to Mongolia, and in the African Rift Valley region which is pulling apart as Africa rolls and drops. 




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