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Identify Bilderberg as the Real “1%”

By J.G. Vibes
May 7, 2012

In recent weeks i have been spending a lot of time covering the Bilderberg conferenceand stating how turning our attention to this group could help to unify the diverse activist movements that exist throughout the country and throughout the world.

The worlds wealth disparity may have taken center stage in the mainstream media this past year, but the conversation has remained extremely vague and is typically set in the nebulous context of “the rich and the poor”.

This way of framing the issue only works to further divide the public and divert attention away from the existence of our self-appointed masters.  If these people would stop trying to play god with the human race and the entire planet then there would be no such thing as the rich and the poor.

The whole concept of “the rich and the poor” is just another method of division that has been used to break up serf and slave populations into feuding sects throughout history.

Luckily for us, we know who the masters actually are, they have been meeting in public for years and they have been openly talking about their transgressions against the working class for some time as well .

They have many different think tanks and policy institutes that they belong to, but the most exclusive and powerful of these organizations is the Bilderberg group which is planning its annual meeting at the end of this month in Chantilly, Virginia.

Their membership list includes top representatives from banking, royalty, military, monstanto, wall street, big oil, big pharma, and pretty much any nasty corporation or corrupt politician that you can possibly think of.

Although meetings can be traced back and documented for many decades, the mainstream media has largely ignored and even denied the existence of this group, until they were outmatched by the people powered alternative media and forced to run their own whitewashed accounts of what goes down at Bilderberg.

This is what happens when every media broadcaster is actually represented at the conference….the conference doesn’t get reported.

In the European Union where collapse is imminent and austerity has already began to kick in, members of parliament have even started to talk about this situation publicly.  Last September on the floor of parliament, European politician Gerard Batten even mentioned the Bilderberg group’s collusion with the media.

This media collusion is the reason why most people don’t know about this group, its members or its activities.  And that is exactly why, as I suggested in my last article, that we need to become the media ourselves and do what the mainstream media refuses to do in covering this event, which will show the world that this is important and send the message that this cannot be ignored any longer

Although many of the specifics of their agenda are still secret, the overall content of these meetings are not difficult to figure out.  Its obvious what goes on!  What happens when any group of mobsters or aristocrats get together?

They network and talk about how they can maximize profits while minimizing cost and risk.  Sadly, in businesses like banking, politics and warfare the profits are ill gotten because they are typically acquired through force, fraud, theft, coercion or deception.

Even if this is nothing more then a champagne party for these Mafioso goons, it shows that they are all closely connected to one another.

The Bilderberg group also acts as a symbol…for the real 1%.

The mainstream media presents the 1% concept as some kind of statistical measure that literally cuts off with 99% of the people, when in all reality the group that is actually a threat to humanity consists of maybe a few thousand people.

Although there is a far bigger group of people that follow their orders, they are merely slaves themselves and would be very honest people otherwise.  Unfortunately, their whole understanding of decency and morality have been poisoned through their upbringing and culture.

The 1% and the Bilderberg group are both symbols of the elite families and organizations who have manipulated the entire population into serfdom through debt, warfare, taxation and politics for centuries.

The entrepreneur and independent businesses person who have become successful through providing value to their communities do not deserve to be scapegoated for the crimes of these aristocratic tyrants.

Those independently wealthy among us are just slaves themselves who have managed to escape this mental plantation, and many of those people are using their resources to help free even more of us who are still trapped.  With that being said, we will not get any closer to freedom by blaming the escaped slaves for the deeds of our masters.

We may however make a good bit of progress by identifying the masters and showing our fellow slaves the layout of the plantation.

In future articles i will be going deeper into this group, its members, its goals and i will also covering the latest updates as well.

Until next time, you can add yourself to the exposing bilderberg 2012 and occupy bilderberg facebook pages, or feel free to email me at jgvibes@aotmr.com with any tips, suggestions or disagreements.  Also remember to get your camera ready and join myself,theintelhub.comand others at the end of this month in Virginia.

J.G. Vibes is an author, and artist — with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his company Good Vibes Promotions hosts politically charged electronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his new book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, at his website www.aotmr.com.

SOURCE from Intel Hub.



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