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David Wilcock Update from France


I’m here for the first time in France — and as of 8PM, President Sarkozy has lost the election to Hollande.

The city of Toulouse has gone wild. Everywhere we walked tonight, there were horns honking, people cheering and even literally dancing in the streets. I keep hearing horns honking now as I write this, even though it’s already nearly 11PM.

Though the election was relatively close, there seemed to be a widespread feeling that Sarkozy was allied with the Bush family, and was enacting policies that were detrimental to France. The economy is significantly worse than when he came into power.

Yesterday I spoke for 80 minutes in front of a crowd of 1,600 people in this huge venue called the Zenith, celebrating the launch of The Source Field Investigations in French — and this was among the largest audiences I have ever addressed.

This was a “Who’s Who” of the most popular metaphysical authors in France, held by the publishing company — and by comparison, I was the new guy.

Nonetheless, six years of French in high school and college helped me earn some “street cred” with the media and the audience.

I was willing to risk doing a Sarkozy impersonation for laughs, based on behaviors I observed from what the media was calling his “winning speech” on television — and a tip-off from the locals.

I stabbed my hands at the air, rolled my chin over my left and right shoulders alternately, cocked my eyebrows and said “Jamais, Jamais, Jamais!” (Never, Never, Never!) — and got a huge reaction from the audience.

Political humor is risky… particularly in a country you’re not familiar with… but on the eve of the big election, this gamble paid off!

Bit by bit, one translated sentence at a time, I went through the “digital biology” model of DNA science that I talk about in the book — and it generated a huge buzz. Apparently almost every lecturer after me referred back to it glowingly.

I also had rewarding opportunities to speak with Lynne McTaggart, author of “The Field”, “The Intention Experiment” and “The Bond”, and also Neale Donald Walsch — author of the “Conversations with God” series.

I have a smaller post-conference event tomorrow morning, and then we’re off to Amsterdam for two events this coming weekend — and from what I’m hearing, the excitement level is really building up!

I will also be appearing on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory this Wednesday night, which will be 8AM for me the following Thursday morning in the Netherlands.

This is where my whole story about Divine Intervention will break out in a big way — as well as what we’re doing to free the planet from Financial Tyranny. Hopefully the new article will be out by or before then.

These are exciting times — and I couldn’t help but feel like all this political celebration was, in some way, prophetic of the much bigger celebration that will occur once humanity is truly free.


Imagine reading a gripping novel, of the very highest quality, that goes into the real story behind the Illuminati — and discusses all sorts of intriguing subjects — like time travel, ancient civilizations and massive, occult conspiracies.

A novel so compelling that you literally cannot stop reading it once you get started. A novel practically begging to become a hit movie.

Even though most people think of him as “only” a great scholar, Graham Hancock has written that novel — and it’s called Entangled.

I wrote a very enthusiastic endorsement of it when it first came out in this article, which you can read by clicking here.

I just found out that Graham is selling the electronic versions of Entangled in the US for just 99 cents — this week only, starting on Monday, May 7th!

This saves you $9 on Amazon and I-Tunes, almost $10 on Nookbook and close to $11 on Sony. I’m definitely going to get a copy so I can enjoy it on my long flights!

iTunes: http://bit.ly/IExAGF

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/ImVoKc

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/Jg5Cwc

Sony Reader: http://bit.ly/IsCL6z

Video trailer for the novel here: http://youtu.be/extboeZorc0

There’s also a page about this special offer on Graham’s website here: http://bit.ly/K5LO2v

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when Graham first gave me a copy to read for review — but once I started, I couldn’t put it down!

“Divine Intervention” is coming soon — but in the meantime, this is a ridiculously affordable deal that will throw you into an awesome new adventure of consciousness! Check it out… and let Graham know what you think!


There has been an exciting new development in this story very recently.

A very high-level international attorney has gotten involved — and is now providing direct assistance to Keenan and the alliance, which now numbers at 143 countries.

Specific advice was given to retract the eight sets of unique signatures that had been included here — as in this form they could have been used by potential fraudsters for various purposes.

Further steps will follow. This is an exciting development — and does not in any way detract from the power of these liens within the admiralty law system.



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