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Dr. Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D. 5-7-12… “Is the real Obama about to stand up?”

This article by Dr. Ann Keilkamp came out today and I was drawn to post it here. It’s a written overview of yesterday’s Bill Wood and Eva Lee YouTube message (see also MP3s post here. I felt this was well put together, and summarizes many of the key points in Bill and Eva’s presentation. [Just a note, Bill’s last name is spelled “Brockbrader”] —————————————————————————

Is the real Obama about to stand up? by 9:26 am, May 7, 2012

Please watch or listen to this series of videos that I found at kauilapele.org [kauilapele.wordpress.com] at 3:30 A.M this morning:

Mass arrests — New Information with Bill Wood and Eva Moore If Bill Brockbader (aka Wood) is right, then President Obama has been with us all along, and has had to pretend not to be in order to get the information required to build the massive and complex enterprise necessary to take down the cabal, starting with Keener’s liens against the Fed and the coming mass arrests.

If Brockbader is right, then NDAA and other presidential signing orders, including the most recent, returning the U.S. to International Law, are all to prepare the way legally for these mass arrests. If Brockbader is right, then Obama had no idea, when he entered the presidency, that it would take so long to bring “hope” to America and the peoples of the world, and so has had to withstand not only the continuous pushback of both houses of Congress, but the vilification of most of those who “believed” in him as well as the massive p.r. cabal campaign to discredit him through hired internet nay-sayers and owned-and-operated mainstream media.

If Brockbader is right, and all of this is information new to him as well, then the first signal Obama sent to the cabal of his intentions was the sex scandal of the Secret Service in Columbia that was used to eliminate some of them from “protecting” him since they were part of the problem. “Sex scandal,” is of course, a sure-fire cover story that the American people can understand and get behind. If Brockbader is right, then the next signals will be given at the NATO and G8 meetings this month.

If Brockbader is right, then Mathew and Salusa, other channeled messengers, and Steve Beckow have been right all along: Obama is a good guy, and protected from harm by powers beyond what the cabal can muster up. Please listen or watch this entire series, and if you find Brockbader as compelling as I do, then spread the word. Quickly. When the mass arrests begin, it will be crucial that enough of us know what their real meaning is to offset the massive disinfo campaign that will follow, screaming that it is the NWO descending and therefore we should grab our guns and run into the streets. Listen up! The military and police will be helping to keep the peace as this massive historic undertaking to cleanse this planet and civilization of what has just about destroyed it is initiated. The plan is for utilities to remain connected and on. Distribution lines will be protected, though there may be some temporary stoppage. Important to have food, water, toilet paper, etc., full gas tanks, and extra food and water for others who will need it, if possible.

If Brockbader is right, then within a day or two, TV will be returned to real journalism, and massive education will begin, of the real history of the U.S. and the world, including 9/11, the Kennedy and other assassinations, etc. The public is bound to go into shock as its thoroughly brainwashed world-view is dismantled. We need to be prepared to stand up and speak the truth to naysayers; prepared to stay centered, and in equanimity, so that we can help hold the frequency field of love that we have been training for, and that we triggered for good on May 5, with the global meditation on the Super Full Moon. The entire operation, according to Brockbader and Drake, during which banks will be closed, will take the financial system down to zero, and start it up again under a completely new basis, of equity, rather than debt. The bad guys will have been defeated and the human race freed. This global operation appears to “get the green light” some time this month? Not sure about that. It seems so. Or June. I listened to most of Drake’s new message as well, and then went back to sleep. Drake, when asked about Obama’s intentions, said, cryptically, “he might be a switcheroo” — and I have no idea what that meant. He did not elaborate. I don’t think he has the info that has just come through Brockbader. When asked whether we have the technology to clean up Fukushima, Drake said that yes, we do. “It comes with one word, ‘Disclosure.’” (Of ETs.) Another revelation sure to put many people into shock and awe, given nearly 70 years of constant subliminal cultural conditioning to view ETs/EDs as “alien.” Of interest to me in this context, Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff ‘s recent piece in which he wondered whether Obama was a white hat posing as a black hat in order to take down the cabal. His indicator was the recent signing that returned the U.S. to international law: Obama rejoins ICC — US no longer rogue state.

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