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Drake & NESARA

“Drake” recently called NESARA (the abundance program known by the name of the National Security and Economic Reformation Act) “bogus” and has excited a lot of commentary around the Web. Can we take a minute and look at what he said, please?

Here is the exchange between Mugzi and him:


Mugzi: What about NESARA? From what I’ve researched, that was a Rockefeller program to put us into the New World Order system. It was a little carrot if you will. What do you know about NESARA?

Drake: Well, basically what you just said, that it is bogus and I’ll tell you why. Because it came from Rockefeller, it’s part of the cabal, which means it’s not intrinsically going to be good for anybody. Now that may take some time to come out, as it has taken them 200 years to get us to the situation we’re in now.  So I would be leery of those ideologies. Now it may be that certain portions of NESARA would be equitable or correct in terms of application with the people.

Now I’m saying with, OK, you’re going to have two sides to this. You’re going to have something that most people will disagree with, some people will be for, but that solves the problem of both, that they can live with it. The inconvenience is not as great as not having a dollar in our country, as an example. NESARA … uhhh… phew … you have to go into [I think he means Keynesian, but the word comes out strangely] philosophies on monetary systems before you’d understand that. That’s also online and I recommend people look into it if they want to understand that. And that’s basically the answer to it.

I could spend a long time going through Drake’s answer step by step, but I’m not sure you’d have the patience to go through it with me as well. So let me summarize what he’s said instead. Drake’s answer feeds back to Mugzi what she said. He accepts that NESARA is a “Rockefeller” plot based on her description of it as such and, on that basis, he calls it bogus and part of the cabal.

Where is the proof? There’s none.

Having accepted that NESARA as a cabal intiative based on Mugzi’s characterization, Drake then discusses how it took the cabal 200 years to get to where we are now and says that NESARA will not do anyone any good.  He says he would be “leery of those ideologies” but we don’t know what ideologies he’s referring to, beyond NESARA.

None of this is proof.

He follows that with a general statement about people agreeing and disagreeing with a monetary system, which he takes nowhere. He then advises us that to understand NESARA you have to understand Keynesian economics. And with that he concludes his remarks on NESARA.

And on the basis of that, Drake disposes of an abundance program that has been planned by ascended masters, midwifed by star nations, worked on by countless Earth allies, and stands now mere weeks or months from being unveiled.

But what’s worse than Drake’s “analysis” of the situation is that so many of us seem ready to jump ship because of remarks which are barely comprehensible.

Folks, we need to have more fiber than this. There will be days when the population at large may go wild from the news that extraterrestrials have come to Earth or the leadership of our society has just been arrested.

I request that we start showing what we’re made of. What are we made of? Courage, discernment, balance, calmness. Much, much more than can be rattled or put off by comments as scattered and lacking in knowledge as those Drake has just made.

Why does Drake not know about NESARA? I don’t know. But he agrees with himself to pretend that he does and that, in my books, calls for discernment in reading Drake. But it calls for discernment in reading a lot of people because a fair number of people believe that, because they have expertise in one area, that qualifies them to comment about other areas where they don’t. (I probably even do myself and, if I and when do, you’d need to have discernment with what I say in that case as well.)

I’ve discussed the pitfalls of not stating the status of our knowledge. Here Drake represents himself as knowing about NESARA but it is clear that he does not. His statement to Mugzi is therefore misprepresentation. That does not build my confidence in Drake.

I think Drake does know what he’s talking about in relationship to what the Pentagon is doing around the mass arrests but I’d suggest to people that they not necessarily accept what he has to say on other topics.

So, please, remain calm if you would, on the score of Drake’s comments about NESARA.  I don’t think Drake knows what he’s talking about. But we do. NESARA is real. It’s the answer to our society’s financial and other difficulties. And it’s coming.

Here are a series of books and articles about NESARA to be found on this site. Please compare what these books and articles say against what Drake has said.



(1) http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2012/04/drake-nesara-is-bogus-is-rockefeller.html

SOURCE from 2012 Scenario

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