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Insider Drake Freedom Reigns Update April 12, 2012

More questions are answered in this interview with insider Drake, Deatra Loomer and Teri Lynn Hinkle.
Drake stated that everyone who is associated with anything that is detrimental to the public will be held accountable for their actions.  One caller asked if the mass arrests will include the people who spray chemtrails in our air, those who place fluoride in our water and those who abuse animals.  Drake stated, “You might want to include everything you can think of in terms of making things right.”

Drake has been revealing a new movement regarding a mass arrest of all corrupted politicians, banksters, etc… which possibly might involve the selection of Ron Paul as an interim or temporary President of the United States until formal elections can be held.

If you look at the massive number of banker resignations since September 1, 2011 (450 and counting) it makes sense that these people are quitting in the hopes of not being persecuted for their crimes against humanity. According to Drake, everyone will be held accountable whether they are employed in their current positions or not.

Regarding reimbursement for fraudulent income tax collected by the IRS, Drake stated, “All of these things are going to be rectified.”

Question: Due to the magnitude of this operation, are people being arrested now and then, the big announcement will be made once they are all rounded up?

Drake: Not exactly.  You’ve got people behind the scenes who are taken into custody and/or put under house arrest that’s not going to be in the mainstream news.  The basis of what’s going to happen is very simple.  We have set the country free through the notification process.  The secondary part of that is that the military has assured its backing to us for the backing of the mass arrests scenario.  The mass arrests scenario is going to be primarily all of your celebrity or well-known figures.  You’re going to recognize a load of the names.”

More highlights:
“The first that happens is the central banking system is going to be required to repay each and everything that they borrowed.  Not us, them.  This will bankrupt that corporation.  Second part of this is a load, and I mean a heavy load, of criminal charges.  Those criminal charges are not limited to anything. They contain just about every crime you can think of.  Following that, a reorientation back to the original de jour founding document government that was originally set in the United States will be implemented.  Within all of this process, you’re going to have people taking care of, in terms of trying to make sure that the lights are all on, etc… If there’s a food shortage someplace, they will break out emergency rations and will make sure people don’t starve.  In other words, everything that you can think of in terms of maintaining a general lifestyle is going to be as preserved as possible.  This is going to be done with the least amount of chaos and as peaceably as possible.  Some people will probably want to shoot it out.  That’s their problem.”

“There’s going to be a worldwide reevaluation of currencies from a debt instrument to an equity instrument and that will facilitate considerable changes.  As far as I understand it, the plan has changed.  They were going to have a new currency which would allow for an exchange program and they decided that it could be done in terms of the currency that we have now, except that it says Federal Reserve Note on it.  I’m thinking they’re going to bring the newly printed money back, bleach the paper and reprint.  It will go from a debt instrument to an equity instrument backed by assets.”

In regard to HAARP, the controls will be taken over so it won’t be used as a weapon against innocent people. “There are a lot of good things that that can be used for.”

Regarding Benjamin Fulford:  “I am not going to confirm anything Fulford says because he is not in the inner loop at this point.”

Regarding televised coverage: “There’s going to be a nice little public display of people going to jail.  Basically you’re going to see people being stuck in the paddy wagon being taken to the FEMA camps they built for us.  This is going to be one each and every last channel that they can acquire.  My understanding is that the military can access any and all channels so it will probably be on each and every channel and you won’t be able to change what you’re watching.”

The Freedom Reigns movement is not in any way associated with Tim Turner’s  Restore America Plan



3 thoughts on “Insider Drake Freedom Reigns Update April 12, 2012

  1. Great interview Deatra conducted with Pentagon insider Drake. Thank you NesaraAustralia for sharing this important news. Targeted individuals (TI) all over the globe have been tortured with advanced electromagnetic weapons, radiations, poisons, staged road accidents, break ins, nazi paperclip cointelpro quasi attacks, stalking, murder, set ups, corrupt judges, lawyers, police, military, fbi, cia, VFW members, water cooperative employees, and neighborhood terrorists 24/7 assigned to the innocent person to detsroy their lives over and over. For example, the NJ Rutgers student that was gangstalked by his roomate, well, that roomate was prosecuted and convicted of 14 counts of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy. The stalking victim committed suicide as a result of the organized and overwhelming covert black ops tactics the stalkers used on him. They strategically worked to form the life of the victim all around their covert agents.

    This nation ought to remove the network of stalkers that have em weapon and mind control technology because they use this remote power to make police, law makers and men with power to commit crimes against the innocent TI. I understand that offworlders can identify and neutralize the stalker killer terror cells that torture the TI but are they aware that the attacks have been increasing on us as the evil cabal is being removed? It is a sort of sicko satanic alchemy they think they are gaining power by maiming and killing the TI. In February they killed Sande Cason and two other TI that I know of. In March the attacks by the helicopters and chemcal spraying on my house has increased. The TI are benevolent peaceful loving people. We want to live and care about others in the time of peace so please help us. When ever we reach out for law enforcment to help us, they use that complaint to increase the terror and assaults. Finally the prosecutors in Florida and NJ have arrested perps and taken seriously the murders that the gangstalkers did to innocent TI victims. Perps think they are secret agents becasue they have microwave guns and remote brain reading technology. They are paid by the task forces, agenda 21, neighborhood, city, state, and federal contracts to surveille, stalk and maime or kill the TI. they stage a road accident or beam remote pschotronics for suicide brain waves into the TI during sleep.

    They use remote neural monitoring to read his thoughts. Thoughts of suicide are sent to his brain by the terror network. They use unconscionable implants to track the victim every minute and zap him with advanced technology weapons. Dentists and doctors are made to implant the victim during routine teeth cleaning. Suddenly the patient is gassed but was not scheduled to be gassed. This covert gassing is make the victim unaware while implants are stapled to the back of the brain through the nasal way. In these cases, the perpetrator has been in training and constant contact with his superior in the terror cell he belongs to. The higher up handlers flash their DARPA cards or CIA cards but they leverage their appearances to ruin jobs and family relationships of the TIs by using strategic lies to defame the innocent victims.

    Also, Zimmerman is a gangstalker murderer that killed Treyvon. That is a gangstalking case as well. Whitney Houston (God bless her), Randy Quaid, Sinead Oconner are just some of the Hollywood stars being gangstalked. There are thousands of innocent Americans enduring this covert black ops silent holocaust. Each time a TI goes to police or FBI for help from the dozens of terror attacks per week, the police had already been mind controlled to betray the victim so the cop further terrorizes the victim and brings them against their will to a mental facility where more poisons and implants are used.

    Now, everyone is familiar with the types of crimes cops do as they are above the law and they enjoy terrorizing innocent people. They kill, frame and lie to harm targeted individuals. Supplementing their income by a murder contract is what some of them do. Now, it is not all cops, but, it most all that turn away in fear as they know it is going on. Then the few cops that are actually very good people, they are stuck in that system. TI all know that helicopters, vehicles, and police are used to stalk and terrorize the TI all day long, day after day. It is not uncommon to have 10 cars stalking and using devices to harm the person as they sleep. Many TI have used video cameras and posted to youtube.

    Advanced technology has been used on TI to maime or kill them. Social engineering, fake files, and group perjury are used by the terror networks to get the TI fired from their job time and time again. TI have concluded that they must be related to the bloodline of Christ and also possibly are being tortured because they are old souls that produce theta waves in the brain which is pleasant and peaceful. The freemason based black ops use TI as blood sacrifices to erase the sins of the evil cabal. It is some sort of psychopathic hive mind satanism.

    Anyone else being targeted with break ins, stalking, staged road accidents, em weapons, fake friends that poison you, ruinations, aerial spraying, etc etc? Is the Drake news going to be able to stop the covert black ops terror and murder the gangstalkers do to thousands of innocent Americans? What about the law enforcement that has done atrocious crimes to the targeted individuals? When will this terror stop and will the false NSA ‘terrorist’ label that has been assigned to each TI, will that be cleared?

    Why is the torture program increasing on the TI? Are the handlers afraid that the TI will testify about the crimes against humanity? Are they now trying to hide their crimes by killing the TI? Who can help the TI stay alive? They are innocent and they only want to live life without the 24/7 surveillance, satellite attacks, remote neural manipulations, neurological weapon guns, high power lasers, chemical attacks, break ins, murders, staged road accidents, character assassinations, cointelpro, bioenergetic warfare, and many other twisted war nazi paperclip medical experiment tactics.

    When are the good people in the CIA, FBI, DARPA, police and neighbors going to stop these murders?

    Posted by TI | April 15, 2012, 2:16 am
  2. Big Hoax!!! Are all of you idiots? Why not try asking the source if this is a BIG HOAX?
    Here is the address if you need it https://kb.defense.gov/app/ask

    Posted by InHonor Keeping em Honest | April 19, 2012, 5:40 am
  3. Yes it may be a hoax but do you really believe that the Department of Defence is likely to give you a straight answer ? Would they warn those who may be on arrest lists in advance ?
    Of course if you have any evidence refuting Drake’s claims then we’d love to hear it, otherwise why not ride this out. Wait and see Ok ?

    Posted by Frank | May 12, 2012, 12:49 pm

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