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New Financial System as per Hatonn

What is one real solution to the world financial crisis that benefits the people not the bankers and criminals?


The very first mandatory step in solving a problem is to analyze it. Every problem is a result, or effect, of a cause. The reason for analyzing a problem is to determine its cause. When the cause of a problem is clearly understood, the solution usually becomes obvious. Strangely, however, according to your monetary authorities and “experts” (has-been, drips under pressure),
bankers, economists, investment brokers, politicians, etc., the subject of money is too mysterious for mere mortals to understand. Such things as the “business cycle”, “inflation” and ”depressions” are blamed on everything from consumer, producer and worker “greed” to the astrological (no relation to logical) position of the stars—and ALWAYS ON YOU-THE-PEOPLE AS CAUSE OF WHATEVER

Of all the incredible facts presented herein, perhaps the most incredible of all is that Americans, who take great pride in their technological achievements, swallow these bold-faced lies completely and swallow even the hook baited with poison. The fact of the matter is that money is a relatively SIMPLE SUBJECT and that business cycles are deliberately and scientifically created by and for the benefit of those who control your money. Nonetheless—in the manipulation, historical evidence of the cycles are there for the viewing—as we have discussed many times prior to this. The cycles have “cycled” enough times now to see the symptoms before the disease blossoms in fullness.

Inflation, depression and business cycles are symptoms, or effects, of a cause. What is the cause? The cause is an unstable supply of money with respect to the production of wealth! (A debt money system is inherently unstable.) Therefore, the solution is to provide an amount of money in circulation that is proportional to the production of wealth. This is relatively simple (if you do it before all production flees the nation) but there are several factors to be considered carefully. First, is the proper definition of some frequently misused words so that we have


Let us define “MONEY” as a medium of exchange and a measure of value, regardless of the form which it may take. There are two major forms of money: commodity money (gold, silver, etc.) and created or fiat money. A commodity money system is actually a barter system of trading one commodity with a certain market value for another commodity or service with a certain market value. Incidentally, no commodity has “intrinsic” value, which only humans have. All commodity prices in a free market result from the law of “supply and demand”. The price of gold, which is probably the most worthless of all metals for human use, is artificially established by the “gnomes” of London and Zurich, by which they control the economic health of every nation.

Created money is the only thing man can create. It is created out of nothing but paper and ink or computer bytes, but represents, or is a claim on, wealth. Created money is not wealth. Wealth is that which men produce for human use through the intelligent application of energy to natural resources. Fiat is a French word which means “So be it”, and in operation applies to an order or edict by authority. ALL paper money is “fiat” money. However, as part of the ABs’ semantic subversion to control your thinking, “fiat” is used as a term of approbation, applied to government issued, debt-free money (U.S. Notes) to obscure and protect their criminal racket of Fed and bank-issued fiat debt money (Fed Notes).


Money is the life-blood of society and performs the same function as blood does in your body, carrying food and oxygen to every cell and carrying away the waste products to sustain life. The blood system is actually a transportation system. Money may also be compared to a transportation system, as did Henry Ford: The function of money is not to make money but to move goods. Money is only one part of our transportation system. It moves goods from man to man. A dollar bill is like a postage stamp: it is no good unless it will move commodities between persons. If a postage stamp will not carry a letter, or money will not move goods, it is just the same as an engine that will not run. Someone will have to get out and fix it.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the rest of the world for you have a sound Constitution) your “engine” was deliberately designed with a fatal flaw which causes it to self-destruct and it can NOT be “fixed”. It must be replaced with another engine of proven design but with a modern control system that
will enable it to have cruise-control that will enable it to “automatically” adjust to changing power requirements (money volume) in order to maintain a constant speed (money value). If you pursue this analogy further, the steps necessary to implement an honest and stable money system become obvious:
First, the unConstitutional and criminal Federal Reserve System must be abolished and its primary function, money creation, taken back by the Congress to whom it belongs, both logically and legally (Art. I, Sec. 8, U.S. Const.).
Second, the new engine, of proven design, must be a debt-free money system similar to the tally system of England, the scrip issued by the colonies and the U.S. Notes which enabled Lincoln to preserve the Union and which have saved American taxpayers over 100 BILLION dollars in usury which would have been
stolen by the ABs.
Third, a STANDARD OF VALUE for money must be established as a reference so that any deviation from it may be quickly detected and corrected. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A STANDARD OF VALUE ESTABLISHED FOR MONEY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN! At this point many will object, thinking, “The Coinage Act of 1791 established a standard of value,” or “The Gold Standard Act of 1900 established one.” No. What these and the other monetary acts of Congress did was to establish a temporary standard of weight and purity of gold or silver coins called a “dollar”.
Their “value” was determined in the market-place by vendors and buyers who bartered them for other commodities. In a relatively static, agricultural economy, they served quite well as money. That is, until the ABs cornered the market on gold, forced it upon the people as the “standard of money” and then, “removed gold from circulation, as far as possible”.

The myth that gold or a gold-based money system is the only way to provide stable money should have forever been put to rest when your nation suffered the worst financial panics and depression you ever endured between 1900 and 1934 when you were on a “gold standard”. However, suffice it to say that the IDEA behind the premise was good—but the actual manipulation destroyed the validity. Those who continue to promote this alternative today simply do so as either shrewd agents or ignorant (without knowledge) dupes of the ABs.

Incidentally, the Pavlovian conditioning of the American sheeple became obvious in 1933 when they turned in their gold under orders from the ABs agent, F.D. Roosevelt. (It will be interesting to see if the shleeping sheeple’s grandlambs will turn in their guns in such manner when so ordered—soon now, so check it out; certainly begins to look like they will so you sheeple trained the grandlambs very well indeed—to get totally fleeced!) One reason that a Standard of Value was never established is that it was considered impossible to do so.

Well, we are possibility-thinkers and operators—WE LOVE THAT WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR, WITH GOD, ALL IS POSSIBLE! After all, every man values every thing differently from every other man and also differently at other times and places. Therefore, the first thing necessary to establish a “Standard of Value” is to determine what the general requirements for ALL “standards” are:

First, a standard must have similitude. That is, it must be similar to that which it measures. A standard of weight must have weight, a standard of length must have length, etc.
Second, a standard must have stability. That is, its value must remain constant under all conditions throughout the system which it serves. An inch is exactly the same length whenever and wherever it is used. But watch the bureaucrats—for a true story came out of New York where the legislature wanted to round off the value of “pi” because the fractions were an inconvenience.
Third, a standard must have commonality. That is, everyone in the system must understand and have, or have easy access to, the standard unit. Most everyone in America knows what an inch is and has, or can easily obtain a rule (standard) with which to exactly measure it.


If you compare any commodity, and most especially gold, against these criteria for a monetary standard with which to measure wealth, you find them to be woefully inadequate. With respect to the first criterion, similitude, there is no relationship whatsoever. The value of gold is determined by its weight and purity. While the price of many commodities (coal, wheat, meat, fruit) is determined by weight, the price of manufactured goods bears little, if any, relationship to their weight, the major cost factor being that of “labor”.
With respect to the second criterion, stability, you find that gold is only chemically stable, that is, durable.
(Is it possible that this word might derive from the Plain of Dura, where the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, first established the Gold Standard?) As a commodity in a free market its price would vary in accordance with the law of “supply and demand”. As a controlled commodity, its price has been less stable than that of the stock market, and for the very same reasons.
With respect to the third criterion, commonality, while many people have gold wedding rings and some have gold fillings, very few have any gold coins which could be used as money. Furthermore, the vast majority of the worlds’ gold is owned or controlled by the ABs. THINK ABOUT THAT CAREFULLY.
Thus, it is obvious that of these three criteria for ALL standards of measurement, gold and silver meet none of them as a monetary standard.
Incidentally, the “gold bugs” insist that money, in addition to serving as a medium of exchange and measure of value, must also be a store of value, which most of them erroneously refer to as “intrinsic” value.

But these are contradictory requirements. Money, in order to serve its function as a medium of exchange, must be kept in circulation and the faster it circulates (called “V” for “velocity”) the better it serves that function. If it is “saved” or hoarded, it cannot function as a medium of exchange. This is the reason for the need to continually mint large quantities of pennies, because many people fill jars or “piggy banks” with them as a form of saving, often using them as convenient door stops as the jar fills. A better store of value would be gold. But the best are, in order of priority; storage food, water, fuel, seeds, tools and silver coins.


Since no commodity has all of the criteria to serve as a monetary Standard of Value, what in the world does? A clue to what this might be is given in Revelation 18:12, 13, which lists the treasures of end-time Babylon in descending order of value. The first are “cargoes of gold and silver” and the last are “slaves and human lives”. Yes, the lives of men are the least valuable thing in Babylon. Does this not prove that you live under Babylonian rule today, when you send your finest young men to fight, suffer and die in the ABs’ no-win wars and, even worse, permit helpless, unborn babies to be murdered by the millions?
If the Babylonian system is to be overthrown, then its value system must be reversed. Instead of everything being measured by gold or silver, the proper standard should be the lives of men. And how are the lives of men measured? By “TIME”! Yes, there comes to the forefront the FACT that the only REAL MEASURE of value is somehow established based upon the time of men’s lives, or man-hours of work, etc.

The price of all things can be, and frequently is, based upon the man-hours of labor required to make them and market them. The price of something is often quoted in terms of the average man-hours of labor required to purchase it, especially in comparisons between different nations or time periods. In fact, this is the conscious or unconscious means by which everyone determines the value of anything to himself; how much of his life “time” must he exchange for it? Most everyone is already aware of the fact that “Time IS MONEY”. Certainly would clear out the garbage and non-producers right away, also—the politicians who spend no time in production of positive goods, for instance, would be quite poor indeed. The ones who could work but refuse, would be soon quite hungry or go into production.


You could arbitrarily establish your monetary standard as one average man-hour of labor, which would be equivalent to setting the cruise-control at, say, 60 mph. This new standard of monetary value should also have a name, so let us call it a “Manny” and its 1% division a “Minn”, for obvious reasons. No, this is NOT original with Hatonn and I am not sure to whom I owe these clever terms but we can give up-side credit (or blame) to one Carl Gorton and work backwards from there. How well does a Manny meet the requirements for a standard? Let us compare them and see.

First, similitude. Labor time is the primary factor in determining the price of everything and also the value of everything to each person, as already mentioned. Second, stability. There is nothing more stable than time, which remains fixed through all generations and nations. Third, commonality.

Nothing is more common among men than time, which is distributed to all men equally; 24 hours a day and you can’t take it with you when you leave. Everyone understands time and virtually everyone has its standard of measurement on his wrist or kitchen wall. You measure and regulate your lives by “time”. It is, in attachment to “space”, the only separation of the species within the third dimension, so it seems logical to measure progress through that third dimension by your primary commodity—”perceived time”. For many things in your dimension, there is no other means of measurement.

This REVELATOR, for example. There is no dollar value which you can place on
the work required herein to produce this document which is about ten times longer than the scribe had allowed for today’s writing, nor on the experience, discipline, communications, etc., required to study, research, analyze, understand, and solve the problem. The only cost that can be placed on the effort is the TIME involved to accomplish the finished product. Thus, you find that the Manny not only meets all of the requirements for standards in general, but uniquely serves as a monetary Standard of Value.
To you who think I just referred to Dharma and Myself—nope, sorry—only in portion which will have to be adjusted to Manny Minn worth—THE REVELATOR is a fine publication from Cape Canaveral, Florida. In particular, for this article I honor one Carl Gorton. Look, chelas, it cannot be more difficult to figure out how to tend the increments of value than to carry eight-foot tally sticks. In fact, with calculators and computers, it should be simple indeed.

By the way, this is totally uni-sex, dual sex, equal sex. Manny only refers to “persons” called generically “Man”. However, we could call them “Pernnys” for “Persons” if you prefer. Minns refer to minutes so you can have Pernny-Minns—whatever grabs you to get away from the “GRAB” (Government, Religion And
Banking). In honor of Mr. Gorton I shall continue to refer to the medium of exchange as “Manny”. The Manny system may be instituted by any taxing authority anywhere in the world and trade could be conducted with any other Manny-based economy at par, since all Mannys would be issued against the
same standard. The taxing and money-issuing authority would print, with a one year expiration date, as many Mannys as necessary to meet its authorized expenditures. These would be paid into circulation as wages to government employees and to contractors for goods and services. The average wage paid would be maintained at the rate of 1 Manny/hr.
How? Very simply. For government employees, the actual average wage paid is determined by dividing the total wages earned by all employees by the total hours worked by all employees. If the result is more or less than one, the pay rate would be adjusted accordingly. (I would surely suggest monitoring truth in
working, however.) For instance, if there are 1,000,000 man-hours in one week and their wages totaled 39,604,000, then each employee’s actual pay would be increased 1% to maintain the standard of 1Manny/hr. Actual individual wages might vary from base assessment of determined input. Now, “government”
worklessers and recipients can’t be figured accurately due to lack of production during many measured time slots, for the value of most government (especially ones in very high-ranking jobs) work lesser is indeed toward the negative side of the production scale and therefore should be considered for Manny demerit subtractions until such time as the worklessers get jobs in the production areas.

The direct adjustment in pay would be fine, however, for the 1,000,000 government employees, as example for this dissertation, but what about the 90 million who are employed by business and the 9 million professional and self-employed people? The earnings of entrepreneurs and professionals would not enter into the balance equation. The average wage of the 100 million employees would be obtained from every employer doing business in the nation and the overall average wage easily calculated. If this figure varied from the standard, the government would increase or decrease its spending to maintain the standard— according to the laws of the Constitution and the State management to insure balanced budgets and maintain total freedom from debts.
With the Manny system, taxation to PAY FOR GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURES WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY, since the government would print all the money necessary—according to the Constitution. However, money must be removed from circulation at a rate equivalent to its being spent into
circulation or its volume would continue to increase until it became worthless (inflation). With the Manny system the removal, or taxation, could be the ultimate in equity and simplicity. As previously stated, the Mannys would be printed with a one-year expiration date, after which they would become
worthless. However, they could be turned in to the tax-collector within thirty days after they expired for new Mannys which would be good for another year.

However, the new Mannys issued would only be
90%, or other percentage determined by the taxing authority, of those turned in. The ideal situation would be to get caught with no Mannys whereby products could instead be stored. Practically all of the expired Mannys would be exchanged by businesses in relatively large volumes rather
than by individuals, who would spend their about-to-expire Mannys, thus enhancing trade. Hence, most taxes would be paid by business in proportion to their profits and no income tax computations or payments would be required from anyone. Mannys which were lost or destroyed would accrue to the
benefit of everyone since they would not be redeemed by the tax collector for new Mannys. Who can reclaim the precious commodity of a day or even an hour lost?

Anyone convicted of tampering with the Manny—Pernny-Minn system, whether government employee, business employee or counterfeiter, should then be sentenced to a life working for the community with all other felons.Adoption of the Pernny-Manny-Minn system would produce numerous benefits :

l. A stable money system based on a Standard of Value which everyone understands.
2. Elimination of the present legalized system of organized crime, theft and slavery through usury.
3. Reduction of the tax burden by eliminating the income tax and the IRS.
4. No involuntary unemployment since ample money would be available to pay for labor that is available to do any needed job.

(Source: Adapted from Hatonn Phoenix Journal #106)



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