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Some facts to be aware of

1. An increasing number of people are now more or less aware of the new economic system that will be emerging some time this year. David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford remain two of the most credible journalists at this point in time. Apart from that, there are several indications in the mainstream media about this issue, as reported by James Martinez in his video. While no direct mention of NESARA was made, the messages behind the financial carnage suggest that a new plan has already been thoroughly designed.

2. Before we move on, it is fairly important for us to know that there are several websites which were deliberately created to confuse the masses about what NESARA is. NESARA here, stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act; NOT the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act.  Thus, any website that quotes NESARA as the latter should be left unread.  A good summary of NESARA, however, can be found here and here.

3.There will be some upheavals when this announcement takes place some time this year. Although it may seem that only the US, UK, Canada and Australia are the ones currently involved, it will be applicable to more than 150 over countries when it is implemented. This is in accordance with the World Court rule on the 22/8/2002, where all banking systems need to be in alignment and honor their contracts.

4. This new economic system is NOT the initiatives of the New World Order. There has been a multitude of misunderstandings about the New World Order and the New Age Publications. There are people out there who put two and two together due to their lack of research and understanding. We should take note, however, that the New World Order was created and survived out of fear, darkness and deceptions, while the New Age Publications were created out of love, light and laughter.

5. Then again, one should always be careful, when any title of publications is made with regards to the New Age. This is because as more people read about proclaimed truth by our Elders, there will be some who choose to make the subject more complicated and confusing for others, especially new readers. Full discretion will be needed here, as new technologies have been created to alter published information online. The crystal skull technology is a step ahead of the current technology the world has, and will affect channeled messages to create commotions among people.

6. In this case, always follow your heart and never allow anybody to distract or impose their truth on you. The path of the heart will  ultimately lead to conscious awareness, which will be YOUR truth; because any proclaimed truth is only knowledge, while conscious awareness is an experience. To read, is to know, but to experience, is to reach absolute knowledge.



One thought on “Some facts to be aware of

  1. My understanding is also that NESARA is a movement in this universe and not limited just to our world and certainly not just a bill that was passed through Congress in America. Also that these networks involving over 100 countries now grew tired of waiting for the States to take the lead on this matter (or, rather, for the withdrawal of the Dark Hats). Kryon stated a couple of years ago that the new global economy would emerge from Asia and South America, it being the West’s turn to birth the new spiritual consciousness…what with all those Atlantean crystals and all over there in the States which was founded for this very purpose (I was there doing my bit…hehe)

    Posted by Antraeus | January 15, 2012, 5:04 pm

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