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PERHATIAN: Ekonomi Malaysia

1. Discussions about the reorganization of the global financial systems have been in place for some time now. This post will not provide details which have already been disseminated widely as they will be redundant and lengthen the discussion unnecessarily. I am writing this for all Malaysians, as a gesture of giving back to the beautiful nation.

2. After three and a half years of trying to understand economics, per se, I have come to understand that it is something quite simple. Our world is basically run by a few big brothers in all the fields of agriculture, energy, media,  transport and finance. While it may seem bizarre, if one traces back to the source, all of these industries  began with them – the Morgans, Rothchilds, Rockefellers.

3. Maybank, CIMB, Citibank, HSBC and several others are all in the same boat. If you look closely, the World Bank and the IMF were all built in the same year as the Tax Department was built. Furthermore, the money we think we have in the bank is actually less than 10% of what we deposited initially. This is almost the same system as the insurance companies. They work because nobody withdraws their money and compensation all at the same time.

4. Some time before Christmas last year, people in the Euro zone have experienced difficulties in getting their money from ATMs. What happened was the machine simply showed “Sorry, you have insufficient funds – $0.00.”

5. I am not trying to overrate matters here. If anything, I think the mainstream media in Malaysia is not doing their job very well in creating the awareness in you, as they should. And don’t let me get stated on the education system either.

6. This could and will happen to Malaysia too, when the time comes. I say this because none of the economies in Southeast Asia are independently operating without the influence of the Euro zone or the US. The governments seem to  have adopted the policy to allow much FDIs to attract investments into their countries.

7. Japan and China has already signed the agreement to trade their yen and yuan independently without the US dollar. That trading amounts to 60% of US dollar trading. This is interesting, because the value of the US dollar would drop significantly, and make their debt payment impossible. Although it looks like it is already that way now.

8. Since the 1930s, the US dollar and many other collective currencies started to be independent of gold. This means, fiat money was created for convenience, I assume because they have made many people think that there is only a limited amount of gold traded and will not be enough for everyone. So it has been a grand favor to change that system to fiat money, for the benefit of all.

9. However, recently before the Christmas of 2011, there was a widely circulated  article on the amount of gold Mother Earth and the Governments actually have. Private families, in China and US mainly, have kept this from the public, so tradeable gold remains in scarcity and prices are always higher than what it is suppose to be. Where are all these gold? Well, some are under the sea in the Phillipines.

10. It is about time ‘graduan Ekonomi di Malaysia’ get together and do something, because politically the candidates are just going to take more tax away from the public, and claim that the BNM has no link to the Parliament.

11. There is no need to publicly protest against the government really, because we are all contributing to the collective manifestations of this nation. As long as this message is read and understood, people will begin to realise what is going on, and there will be less poverty in Malaysia. The books are teaching us that people are poor because money is a limited resource, yet put simply, people are poor because others are hoarding their possessions! People are poor, because others are simply too afraid to give.

12. Trust that Malaysians are smarter than that, being religious and what not. The Oneness of all proclaimed by Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Nanak and et cetera did not say to give away your money to everyone, yet it is simply the nature of the law, that the more you are able to give, the more you will be able to receive. Just like when you inhale deeper, you will be able to exhale longer. Everything balances, on Earth.

13. I hope this piece of writing will reach the eyes of those who are seeking and move the hearts of those who have them. There is much more to find out, and obvious changes are already happening around the globe. To accomplish ‘Satu Malaysia’ does not mean one government, it simply means one heart.





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